Using The GIMP



Using The GIMP to make a crosshair VTF.

The aim of this tutorial is to take you through the steps of firstly using The Gimp and other programs to start with nothing… and make a “One Dot” crosshair. Actually its 4 dots but it’s very small on the screen.

Start up The GIMP, “File”“New”.

Image Size = Height and Width 64 Pixels. Now click on the plus button for “Advanced Options” set it up like the picture on the right.


Don't forget to select Transparency in the "Fill with:" box! 


Click OK, Resize that small window with your new image in it to a larger one. Now select the Zoom tool (Magnifying Glass Icon) and Zoom up to about 4500%... we are working on one pixel dots after all and you have to find the true centre of the image for a crosshair!! 


Look at the rulers on the image, see the numbers? Move the scroll bars until you can see 32 on the top and left rulers, select white for your crosshair dot color…



Now select the Pencil tool, in the area below the tools, set the “Brush” to a “Circle (01)”.
Now we are ready to place in our 4 pixels that make the “One Dot X hair” why? Because the true centre of a 64 X 64 pixel image is not the centre of one pixel it is one corner of 4 pixels together!
Using the ruler as a guide, position your cursor so the arrow on the rulers are over the 32 mark, (keep your mouse steady and don’t move it until I say!) now click once, a pixel will be placed, it will be one of the 4, the important thing is not to move your mouse until you see what corner of the pixel it is sitting over… that is the true centre, 32 pixels.

Now place the other 3 around that centre mark… there… you have the exact center of the crosshair, the common corner where all 4 pixels touch. From there, if you like you can make another design by zooming out a bit using the grid (“View” “Show Grid”) and (“File” “Preferences” “Default Grid” “Spacing” set at 1 pixel height and width)…. But you can always do that latter, we should continue on how to get this little dot to work first.


OK, we have a image that has a transparent background and 4 white dots in the middle, we now need to save it as a TGA file so we can convert into a VTF file and of course make a VMT file to match.
Go to “File”  “Save as…”  a box pops up, give it a name “Tut_dot” click on the “Browse for other folders” and find a home for it.

Click on the “Select File Type” and select “TarGA image”. A box pops up with two tick boxes “RLE compression” and “Origin at bottom left” leave them ticked and press OK.
Exit the Gimp. The next step is using VTFEdit and how to set it up correctly. See the next page for that... Press next below....

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