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HL1 Maps Port Tools HL1 Maps Port Tools HOT
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These tools are to assist a mapper when porting a old HL 1 (goldsource engine) to HL2 source MODs.

There are some decompile tools, an example dod to dods VMF/BSP example file and BSP_Tools by Botman.

You should use this tutorial when trying the method this package was assembled for. It will return you a very accurate port. It does require a learning curve but once you have done it once via the tutorial you will find it very helpful... if you want an absolutely accurate port from HL1 maps to HL2 Source maps.

Authors of these tools are ...

Botman... BSP_Tools

BSPTwoMap versions 1.0b and 1.4b by Skyler 'Zipster' York

WinBSPC 1.4 Kingpin Update by PeNdEjO!

BSPC version 2.1h, May 6 2001 16:15:03 by Mr Elusive (may not work on XP, Vista, Win 7 64 bit)

Readme and special files HL1 files by INsane.



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