Class names for DoD:s

This changes the class names for DoD:S more like the old version Steam 1.3.

If you want to you can download my set and change a few things... Note: take care with these files, were made a while ago, since then more has been added to the file like achievement stuff and so on, use for reference only.


Installer package...INsanes Class names for DoD:s.


If you need to know how to change those files, read on...



It also adds an extra title to the class image below the number.





The new names will appear in the scoreboard and the chat text and on the class screens and the descriptions of each class.


To change the names of classes that appear on the dod:s screens.

These are in the dod_english file,(dod/resource folder).

Note: for other languages look to "dod_german", "dod_french" and so on.









These are old ones in DAY OF DEFEAT STEAM 1.3 dod_english (dod/resource folder)...

"class_allied_garand_n" "&1 Rifleman"
"class_allied_carbine_n" "&2 Staff Sergeant"
"class_allied_thompson_n" "&3 Master Sergeant"
"class_allied_grease_n" "&4 Sergeant"
"class_allied_sniper_n" "&5 Sniper"
"class_allied_heavy_n" "&6 Support Infantry"
"class_allied_mg_n" "&7 Machine Gunner"
"class_allied_bazooka_n" "&8 Bazooka"
"class_allied_mortar_n" "&9 Mortar"
"class_allied_random_n" "Random"

"class_axis_kar98_n" "&1 Grenadier"
"class_axis_k43_n" "&2 Stosstruppe"
"class_axis_mp40_n" "&3 Unteroffizier"
"class_axis_mp44_n" "&4 Sturmtruppe"
"class_axis_sniper_n" "&5 Scharfschütze"
"class_axis_mg34_n" "&6 MG34-Schütze"
"class_axis_mg42_n" "&7 MG42-Schütze"
"class_axis_pschreck_n" "&8 Panzerjäger"
"class_axis_mortar_n" "&9 Mörserschütze"
"class_axis_random_n" "Random"

What to change in Day of Defeat Source.

DAY OF DEFEAT STEAM Source dod_english.txt (dod/resource folder)...

Change these and the label on the description in the class section screen will change...

"class_allied_garand_n" "1 Rifleman" //"RIFLEMAN" (CAPS CHANGE ONLY)
"class_allied_thompson_n" "2 Master Sergeant (Assault)" //"ASSAULT"
"class_allied_heavy_n" "3 Support Infantry (Support)" //"SUPPORT"
"class_allied_sniper_n" "4 Sniper" //"SNIPER"(CAPS CHANGE ONLY)
"class_allied_mg_n" "5 Machine Gunner" //"MACHINE GUNNER" (CAPS CHANGE ONLY)
"class_allied_bazooka_n" "6 Bazooka (Rocket)" //"ROCKET"
"class_allied_random_n" "&9 RANDOM" // Leave this alone

"class_axis_kar98_n" "1 Grenadier (Rifleman)" //"RIFLEMAN"
"class_axis_mp40_n" "2 Unteroffizier (Assault)" //"ASSAULT"
"class_axis_mp44_n" "3 Sturmtruppe (Support)" //"SUPPORT"
"class_axis_sniper_n" "4 Scharfschütze (Sniper)" //"SNIPER"
"class_axis_mg42_n" "5 MG42-Schütze (Machine Gunner)" //"MACHINE GUNNER"
"class_axis_pschreck_n" "6 Panzerjäger (Rocket)" //"ROCKET"
"class_axis_random_n" "&9 RANDOM" // Leave this alone

Change these and the message in the chat message and scoreboard will change...

"class_allied_garand" "Rifleman" // Same
"class_allied_thompson" "Master Sergeant" // changed from "Assault"
"class_allied_sniper" "Sniper" // Same
"class_allied_heavy" "Support Infantry" // changed from "Support"
"class_allied_mg" "Machine Gunner" // Same
"class_allied_bazooka" "Bazooka" // changed from "Rocket"

"class_axis_kar98" "Grenadier" // changed from "Rifleman"
"class_axis_mp40" "Unteroffizier" // changed from "Assault"
"class_axis_mp44" "Sturmtruppe" // changed from "Support"
"class_axis_sniper" "Scharfschütze" // changed from "Sniper"
"class_axis_mg42" "MG42-Schütze" // changed from "Machine Gunner"
"class_axis_pschreck" "Panzerjäger" // changed from "Rocket"

For a bit more effort you may like to add another label to the Class Selection screen?

There are two files to adjust...

(Allies screen) = "ClassMenu_Allies.res" ... in the dod/resource/UI folder


(Axis screen) = "ClassMenu_Axis.res" ... in the dod/resource/UI folder

To do this you just add another section below the sections that control the image and class number.
Like the "ASSAULT" class now called "Master Sergeant" (Thomson main gun)

Find the section "tommy" and make another label section below it like this...

"ControlName" "ImageButton"
"fieldName" "tommy"
"xpos" "165"
"ypos" "119"
"wide" "62"
"tall" "124"
"autoResize" "0"
"pinCorner" "2"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"tabPosition" "0"
"labelText" "&2"
"textAlignment" "south-west"
"dulltext" "0"
"brighttext" "1"
"Command" "cls_tommy"
"Default" "0"
"font" "DefaultLarge"
"scaleImage" "1"
"activeimage" "cls_us_thompson_active"
"inactiveimage" "cls_us_thompson"
"tommy_classname" //re-name each before "..._classname"
"ControlName" "Label"
"fieldName" "tommy_classname" //re-name each before "..._classname"
"font" "Default"
"xpos" "165" // keep the same xpos on each class eg: same as "tommy" above
"ypos" "240" // this ypos height is the same for all new lables
"zpos" "1"
"wide" "110" // how wide the label is, same for all new lables
"tall" "15" // how high the label is, same for all new lables
"autoResize" "0"
"pinCorner" "0"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"labelText" "#class_allied_thompson" //Label each class as required
"textAlignment" "west" // the direction the text starts from
"dulltext" "0"
"brighttext" "0"
} you can see this section added "tommy_classname" is just a label that will appear below the "ImageButton" section.

Note how the "labelText" is handled, the "#class_allied_thompson" the "#" will refer back to the dod_engilsh
section that handles the names for the chat message and scoreboard. If you just place a name in there
it will still work but class names with special characters in there and they woun't show, like...

Scharfschütze it will display ... Scharfschtze. It drops the ... ü ... character!

You just paste these sections under each of the class image in each of the teams and make...

  • Change / re-name each section title and Feildname "..._classname"
  • Keep the "xpos" the same as the class image
  • Change "labelText" "#class_allied_...." to the relevent class in dod_english.

There is a lot more you can do with the Class selection screens but this is only about changes to the class names.

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