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1. The VGUI Build Mode editor

2. Maps can help up a lot!

3. Use Allied Valve bots to check items

4. Use RCBot2 dods bots to check items

5. Two more useful binds


The VGUI Build Mode editor. Note: Pre Orangebox and SteamPipe dods ... this was working, now it's a little buggy, check the below link for future updates it may have.

There is a more visual way to move objects around the screen and save their positions. If you have HL2 / Day of Defeat Source you already have a tool built-in. It’s called the VGUI Build Mode editor.

thumb_vgui2 ...

Its a bit strange to get used to but very handy for a rough layout when you are starting a new screen.You can use it to get the basic positions of items and tidy it up with a text editor. It does have a few quirks and is a bit of a head scratch when you start using it.

Normally when you want to start on an area, you extract a standard file from VALVe’s VPK or loose files and edit it. When using the editor, you don't have to. Say you want to edit the Teamselect screen.

You start up the game, bring up the teamselect screen, this stops the game (as far as that screen is concerned) and puts the game in an “edit mode”.

thumb_vgui3 ...

Press “SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+B”... the editor will pop-up. Click on an item, like a button or an image, move it around with the mouse.

Say you want to make the button bigger, press the “~” key this will escape into the Game Options/Console area of the game. Have a look at all the settings in the box, you can edit these and save the file.

A new file called teammenu.res will be created in the dod/resource/UI/ folder.

Note: If you open this file with Windows notepad... it will look like a bit of a mess... get WordPad or higher to view the file the VGUI Build Mode editor makes.

















Maps can help a lot! That's right, a map. The size of a map is very important... the bigger the map the more time and system resources it will use. If you are editing a file and you refresh the resolutions to show the changes... a small map can mean a time difference of 20 seconds..or more!

 hud test 5man cap hud test det
HUD_TEST_5man_Cap HUD_Test_Det

For DoD:S, to speed up editing, use these two dod maps the two have "Capture The Flag" and "Detonation" modes, load very quickly and do not use much of your PC's resources.

They were made from haircuts tutorial dods map The other from TOP GUN Mav tut map. (dod federation is now closed link is an internet achive capture)

  • Don't forget to set the map time to "0" so it won't load up another big map... right when you are in the middle of something :) When you choose a map in dods... "Create Server" in the pop up window that comes next, there is another tab to save that setting.
  • Consider turning off antivirus and other memory/system intensive services, use the smaller resolutions and test in the higher ones when you have a few things done.
  • HUD_TEST5man_Cap is made for testing a Capture The Flag mode, test all the normal panels plus those related to CTF mode, the Capture timer panel.
  • HUD_Test_Det is made for testing a Detonation mode, test all the normal panels plus those related to Detonation mode. The TNT icons in the Player Health and Status panel.



Use Allied team only Valve bots to check items. DoD:s ships with a generic dumb bot Allied side only. They cannot do much and you need sv_cheats 1 to run them but we can use that on a dods Listen server, (local and on your PC).

There are some Console Binds we can use, they are better off set in your autoexec.cfg file along with a couple of other helpful binds. Here are the commands for each of the main cvars for adding bots, getting them to mimic your movements, deleting them, reloading a panel while in game and testing the winpanel.

Copy and paste this in your autoecec.cfg (there is also prefab one in the download)...

//INsanes KP binds for HUD tests

// VALVe Bots
bind "KP_HOME" "sv_cheats 1; wait; wait; wait; bot"
bind "KP_PGUP" "kick Bot01; kick Bot02; kick Bot03; kick Bot04; kick Bot05; kick Bot06; kick Bot07; kick Bot08; kick Bot09; kick Bot10"

// Reload hud panels in game
bind "KP_END" "hud_reloadscheme"

//Test the winpanel
bind "KP_PGDN" "sv_cheats 1; dod_test_winpanel"

 ...then save it. They are all targeted at your Key pad keys and are not default keys. While in game you can ...

  1. Join the Axis side.
  2. Press "KP_HOME"  cheats are enabled and a allied bot appears, press it again for a couple more, 3 maximum.
  3. Press "KP_PGUP" and the bots will be kicked
  4. Use two more non bot related binds, see below for that


Use RCBot2 dods bots to check items. RCBot2 for DoD:S by Cheeseh are full blown bots for dods. Very useful for checking a lot of things like scoreboards, Axis items... just go to that thread and read how to install and what latest version works.




Two more useful binds. There are also two more non bot related commands you will find useful...

  1. Press "KP_END" to reload some panels as you change items in the files, running the game in a window you can press that bind and see the new positions. Note not all panels will respond to this and you may have to change the file, restart a new game and view the change. It is certainly so for the clientscheme.res file and things like colors.
  2. Press "KP_PGDN" and you can invoke the end of the round, (Win Panel) to display with some sample data on it.


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