____Basic DoD:S Server Details____

Host Name (Type in Server name):
.:::Clan Name DoD:S Server 1:::. | FF | All Talk |

RCON Password (for none leave blank):

Server Password (for none leave blank):

Server contact email (for none leave blank):

Server Tags (for none leave blank):

Region (Select your region):

Internet or LAN server:

____RCON and Server Bans and Logs____

RCON failed log in Ban time.

RCON MIN failed log in before Ban.

RCON MAX failed log in before Ban.

Failed RCON log in tries track time.

New: added 21 July 2012
RCON Packetsize and ban for exceeding the limit

Max RCON Packetsize. (bytes)

Ban IP RCON exceeding the value specified...
in sv_rcon_maxpacketsize (above)

Server Logging
(On or Off):

Server Ban Logging
(On or Off):

Echo log info in console
(On or Off):

Log server info in log file.
(On or Off):

Server Logging to 1 file
(On or Off):

Attack Logging
0=off, 1=enemy, 2=teammate, 3=both:

____Server Downloads and Client files____

Max Download file size.
(If files come from the game server):

Fast Downloads URL (blank if none):
(If files come from another server):

Set the two below to "ON (def)" ...
...especially if you use a Fast Download server:

Server download (On or Off):

Server upload (On or Off):

File consistency check (On or Off):

Pure Server setting:

Pure Server violation kick clients (On or Off):

Pure Server violation message (On or Off):

_____Bandwidth Rates____

Can not decide? Leave it as it is then:
Unfortunately default rates are not correct in this case.
Reason is game servers have different speeds!

Take your time here and ask other admins.

Visit some servers, play on them.

If you find a good server... ask the admin...
Where they rent the server...
What the rates are for that good server.

The "Recommended Pub Server" ones are set here
...even though are not the most "Popular" they should
work OK on a decent server were clients of mixed ISP
speeds can all have a fair connection.

In any case... before you pick your combination,
Server hardware, data center speed, slots and...
client speeds!

Max Rate.

Min Rate.
sv_minrate :

Max update rate to clients.
sv_maxupdaterate :

Min update rate to clients.
sv_minupdaterate :

Max command packets from clients.
sv_maxcmdrate :

Min command packets from clients.

_____Basic Server Cvars____

Most here are for Orangebox basic cvars
For DoD:s specific cvars there is a section below
Most are set at the most popular or default
Make sure you read ...
"Limit FOV of users using wide-screen" section
There is a health issue mentioned.

Frendly fire (On or Off):

All Talk (On or Off):

Chat Time:

Use Steam Voice (On or Off):

Allow Voice From File (On or Off):

Voice Enable (On or Off):

Allow spectators (On or Off):

Game Time.

Decal Frequency:

Flashlight (On or Off):

Enable Footsteps (On or Off):

Kick Team Kill/Idle players (On or Off):

Limit Team Imbalance:

Limit FOV of users using wide-screen:
Please seek more information on this
as it has a health warning.

Force first person mode
for dead players(On or Off):

Cheats (On or Off):

Server can be paused (On or Off):

Allow Wait Command:

Fall Damage (On or Off):

Fade to black (On or Off):

_____Movement speed and feel ____



Stop Speed:

_____DoD:s Specific Gameplay settings ____

ONLY found in Day of Defeat:Source

Freeze Cam (On or Off):

Bonus Round (On or Off):

Bonus Round Time (Seconds):

Class Restrictions

Random Class Allowed (On or Off):

Allies Class Restrictions

Limit Allies Rifleman:

Limit Allies Assault:

Limit Allies Support:

Limit Allies Sniper:

Limit Allies MG:

Limit Allies Rocket:

Axis Class Restrictions

Limit Axis Rifleman:

Limit Axis Assault:

Limit Axis Support:

Limit Axis Sniper:

Limit Axis MG:

Limit Axis Rocket:

Pressing the button below will make a download.