Console Font color and size



To change the console text and color in a steam mod, you first have to go to the GCF files and extract the SourceScheme.res file from the base source engine 2.gcf.

If you can't extract it you can download one here.

Just beware that it is always better to use a fresh one from the GCF files... updates change files sometimes.

For DoD:s put this file in the dod/resource folder. Other Mods will have a resource folder too.

Open the file with a text editor like Notepad++.

For the size of the Console text/font find "Console Text" in the "FONTS" section and change that sections settings...


"name" "Lucida Console" //.... (Font Type)
"tall" "18" //"10" //............. (Font Size)
"weight" "500" //..................... (For adjusting bold, 900 is bold, 0 - 200 regular)

Note I have changed the size of the font to "18"... that is very big, you may want to go smaller or larger... "10" is the default.

For the color of the Console Font, find Console.TextColor in the "BASE SETTINGS" section change it to one you want, you can use a RGB Decimal color as well as the ones mentioned in the top of the file.

Console.TextColor "OffWhite" ...(This will change the font color in the console).
Console.DevTextColor "White"





Another interserting font change is the text you see when enableing "developer 1" in the console.

This command allows messages from the console to show at the left / top of the game screen.




You can play with a section to get it bigger, smaller, different font type.


"name" "Lucida Console"
"tall" "20" // "10" default
"weight" "0"
"dropshadow" "1"



You can't change the color it seems but it is possible to insert some more commands so it displays differently....

"outline" "1" //........... Turn on the outline, surounds the text with black.

"additive" "1" //........... Turn on the additive, adds a white wash through the text...brighter.

"weight" "0" //............. For adjusting bold, 900 is bold, 0 - 200 regular.


Just remember that "outline" , "additive" and "dropshadow" should be enabled one at a time. If you enable one of those three... you must turn off the other two!






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