Chat area CVARs

One of the most annoying things while playing on-line is having a person using the microphone... "more-than-normal".

A function to mute players is in the console area it works ok, but it is a pain to enable it.

You can, if you wish, use binds to adjust the amount of time the chat is on the screen.

The console command is hud_saytext_time.


hud_saytext_time 15 (default) Adjusts the time in seconds that the chat text displays on the screen.

Range... "0" = OFF. Other adjustments are from "1" (1 second) to "15" (15 seconds).

If you want to speed up or slow down the amount of time the text stays on-screen you can set these commands in the console or your userconfig.cfg file...

hud_saytext_time 15 ... (default) Chat Messages show for 15 seconds then fade.

hud_saytext_time 3 ... Chat Messages show for 3 seconds then fade.

hud_saytext_time 0 ... Chat Messages will not show at all... handy when the spammers turn up :)

Those three commands are the ones I used in my Command menu for DoD:s... (version 2 only... PIC), it is handy to have them around if there are a lot of spammers or just a lot of talk on a big server.


Using The incrementvar command to make a variable toggle control key.

There is also another way to activate those commands with one key. The incrementvar command will bind one key to multiple
values within a command... just keep pressing it.

bind "x" "incrementvar hud_saytext_time 0 15 5"

When "x" is pressed it will cycle through in increments of 5...
hud_saytext_time 0
hud_saytext_time 5
hud_saytext_time 10
hud_saytext_time 15

You can place the bind above in your config.cfg file or type it in the console, (it will then be written in the config.cfg file... just make sure you change the key to something that is not "bound" to a command already.


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