Net Graph Positions

I take it you know what the net graph is. This information page will touch on the subject of how to position it.

So, you know how to bring up the Net Graph…. net_graph 0 = off the other variables are 1,2 and 3, these are the Net Graph types.

The positions are where some people get confused; you can move the Net Graph to any part of the screen using two console commands.

The usual commands and their settings are net_graphheight 64 and net_graphpos 1, those two command will place the Net Graph the lower right corner.

The height is controlled by net_graphheight command this can range from 0 (bottom of the screen) to whatever your screen resolution is…


This height here is net_graphheight 64, this is taken from the top edge of the netgraph.


The width is controlled by net_graphpos. This works differently than the height, there are some settings that are “basic” positions… net_graphpos 0 (far left) net_graphpos 2 (middle) net_graphpos 1 (far right).

If you need to fine tune that you can. Just select a number between “0” (far left) and “535” (also far right as in “1”) net_graphpos 300 is around the centre of the screen.

Strange I know…but it works…


This width here is net_graphpos 535, this is taken from the left edge of the netgraph.

The reason the width works differently from the height is more than likely the default screen size for the VGUI system … 600 wide by 480 high. 535 + the allowed netgraph width should equal… 600.


So… adjusting is a matter for trail and error and using the method above.

Now looking at those pictures you may have noticed my netgraph is quite small... the text can also be adjusted, want to know how?

Then go here and find out!

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