VTF Settings for HUD icons

This is something a lot of people forget, (including me) with VTFEdit or the Photoshop VTF plug-in when saving a file, the level of detail. 

If you make a graphic like a object icon or a HUD Graphic, it will look fine in Photoshop, then look ok in game, that is... when you have your Video Settings on  "High" .

The "Medium" and "Low" settings may make them look very bad indeed. Look at the two images below, the top one was saved with the settings below, DXT5 (Common Format), Box, None. It looks very blurry, the bottom one is much better.... 


The second one is the same VTF saved again in Photoshop with two more very important settings...

"No Level of Detail" and "No Mip Maps" in VTFEdit or the Photoshop VTF plug-in.

Those settings will not make them blurry if you have low video settings ..... 


Those "Select a Team" images are from my MOH HUD Team select Menu... the hud is meant for high settings anyway, but I forgot, it does not hurt to put those settings in small images like HUD graphics anyway... so why not make it the default when you make small images?

You can go further than HUD images too, when you set all your settings on low you will notice lots of graphics are fuzzy, posters, ground, walls, weapons... all sorts of things. That's how it should be but hud elements should not be fuzzy.

Now if you don't mind fuzzy walls and ground but need your weapons to look good, browse the materials files and find the VTF involved, open the VTF's and apply those settings. You will still have the lower FPS due to not rendering a lot of detail in a lot of 'the world" graphics... but the things that are important to you will be nice and clear.

Another place this happens is one maps, embedded  icon files are also a pain if not saved correctly as the following pic shows...


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