Tutorial and Informational Links

These are links to off site Tutorials on HL2 mapping

Also included are specific information links to DOD and DOD:s


Day of Defeat Source only

WIKI Pages (Valve)...

The Valve Developer Community Wiki  (Level Design)

Day of Defeat: Source Level Creation

Steam Pages (Valve)...

Day of Defeat: Source > Custom Maps forum

Steam Tool Discussions > Source Level Design

dods Map Name Database 

Old Forum Archive on wunderboy.com... 

Day of Defeat Forums Archive > Day of Defeat Content Forums > Mapping

Map Name Lists...

DOD:Source Map Name Reference Database (Dod Federation)

dods Map Name Database (Steam)

Day of Defeat: Source and Day of Defeat Mappers (personal sites)...





General Half Life 2 mapping

WIKI Pages (Valve)...

Dimensions (Scale in mapping)


Counter-Strike - The making of Dust. A interesting overview on how one of the most important maps in CS was made. By the map author ... David Johnston






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