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For many years people have come to dodbits dor SturmBot files, you will find all that is here and more for Johan's bots on my new site

sturmbot johanlindeakajowozu7
Author of the Bot program Sturmbot Johan Linde, aka Jowo

Some sad news you should know. Johan Linde, was vacationing in Thailand when the Tsunami hit, he was listed as missing. There are some bits of info' on the web that some family members also died.

If you knew Johan and you have found this page, just letting you know I still use his program every couple of weeks and enjoy it very much.

He provided a singleplayer mode for the multiplayer only Day of Defeat game, this means the game lives on. This page is dedicated to him, he did a great job on the bots.

UPDATE June 2013: For those of us that want a quick installer package that works with StrumBOT and Steam dod 1.3 (SteamPipe update) then stop reading and go to that link. Also download a nice top 22 map pack via a installer or zip, these two packages take just minutes to set up, no frigging around with files and reading endless hard to get info'. There is a special menu in the package so starting StrumBOT on the latest steam dod 1.3 is the easy way!

You may also want to visit this site too for information... Sturmbot Waypointing Tutorials and install files

The first thing. What version of the SturmBOT program matches each dod version.  Yes it matters!!!!

Want to waypoint? then go to this section and read from there more instructions to play and waypoint.

There were 8 major versions out of 13 that are important, the others were minor updates so I have left them out. Below is the 8 important versions, some like a certain version of day of defeat so you have to match that sometimes, just in case I have them below.

The current version is Sturmbot 1.7b 11b, along with version 1.6 those two can be used for the latest steam version.

Before Steam there was a quite a few versions, read here about them.

DoD Version Sturmbot Version
dod 1.3 Steam (latest steam version) Sturmbot 1.7b 11b Also version 1.6 should work Best way is use my installer 
Older steam versions (not used) Sturmbot version 1.6
dod 3.1 Beta (non Steam Serria) Sturmbot version 1.5.1
Day of Defeat 3.0 Beta Sturmbot version 1.4
Day of Defeat 2.1 Beta Sturmbot version 1.3.1
Day of Defeat 2.0 Beta Sturmbot version 1.2
Day of Defeat 1.3 Beta Sturmbot version 1.1
Day of Defeat 1.0 Beta Sturmbot version 0.8
Waypoints for the latest versions.... Set 1 607 files = 607 maps

How to install.

A couple of ways, one hereFor the real early versions (serria types) just read the readme

INsanes way for the latest dod version may be better? I think so....

This involves you install the bot program, download and install my menu... you also have to edit a file!

For the latest Steam version,The latest ones have a installer, point it to your dod game folder....

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Your-Account-Name\day of defeat\dod

We do have to edit one file next.

You find the liblist.gam file in your game folder, normally...

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Your-Account-Name\day of defeat\dod

Open liblist.gam with notePad or another text editor, make it look like this...


game "Day of Defeat" 
url_info "" 
url_dl "" 
version "1.3" 
size "5" 
svonly "0" 
cldll "1" 
secure "1"
hlversion "1110" 
type "multiplayer_only"
nomodels "1"
nohimodel "1"
mpentity "info_player_allies"
//gamedll "dlls\dod.dll"
//gamedll_linux "dlls/"
gamedll "sturmbot\dlls\STURM_bot.dll"
gamedll_linux "sturmbot/dlls/"


Save it. Make sure you use my menu it has a lot of fun things in it for playing with bots!

Read about that here or download it now here




DOD Version

SturmBOT Version

v1.2 (Steam)

v1.7 (in development)

v1.1 (Steam)


v1.0 (Steam)






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