INsane's SturmBot Menu


Edit March 2012 update. I have recently made a auto install package download this for dod steam 1.3 using SturmBot 1.7b and skip the manual install section, then go to this section and read from there to play and waypoint.


The old way...manually if you like...

The main reason this was made was to speed up the Waypointing part of SturmBOT, especially for the people who are learning. I thought of retiring this menu... but just in case I will leave it on-line for historical value... it's the only way we may be able to play with the old 1.3 version soon!

SturmBOT has many commands to type in the console. This can be quite daunting when you start, in fact it still annoys the hell out of me!

The Menu is complemented with binds and scripts as a total package for Playing and Waypointing SturmBOT. It is not easy to set up, but once it is... it does save time.

This is a second release and more than likely the last, DoD:S may put a dent in player numbers on-line... but no matter how good DoD:S is SturmBOT and ShrikeBot will make sure you can always play your old version forever...

This menu is dedicated to the memory of Johan Linde, aka Jowo.


The manual install menu package can be downloaded here.


To get the best out of this menu you should install another file as well as the... "commandmenu.txt" (this is the file for the menu)


The other one "SturmBOT_Menu.cfg" holds binds and aliases.

Install is easy... if you know your way around the dod folder.

1. Just place the file "commandmenu.txt" and the "SturmBOT_Menu.cfg" in your dod folder.

2. Open your "config.cfg" or "userconfig.cfg" file in the dod folder and add this line to the bottom... exec SturmBOT_Menu.cfg Press save.

3. Finished..... See the A QUICK LOOK INSIDE SturmBOT_Menu.cfg section at the bottom of this page.


Damn it! You lost me... I don't know how to do that stuff :(
OK then... Try a more longer and inclusive explanation...



1. Below is the default address on most Steam installs. Some others may be...

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\your email name\day of defeat\dod

2. Don't get fooled here, the day of defeat folder may sound right but you want the "dod" folder. Put both files of the download in the dod folder...commandmenu.txt and SturmBOT_Menu.cfg

3. commandmenu.txt This is the menu file.

INsane's StrumBot Menu install 1

4. SturmBOT_Menu.cfg This is the custom file for your SturmBOT waypointing binds and menu.

5. config.cfg This is the file that holds your custom settings. Use NotePad to open .cfg files, you can tell Windows to always use NotePad to open these types of files.


INsane's StrumBot Menu install step 6





6. When you open it,

go all the way down the bottom...

Then type in exec SturmBOT_Menu.cfg


7. Go to "File" Press save.

Put it all away.


I know it's a pain, but now you know how to find your config.cfg file.

To uninstall the menu, just delete those two files... the standard dod menu will come back when you do.





I have set some binds in the SturmBOT_Menu.cfg file. You might like to change them? Just open SturmBOT_Menu.cfg up like you did the config.cfg and change the bind keys to your liking. If you downloaded the installer package, Here is what they are set at...

INsanes Sturmbot menu Key-Pad-Binds


Now you have installed the menu... there are two other sections you may like to read...



This section deals with using the menu for playing.


Adding Bots and Bot Controls, (Behavior, Weapons and Fun modes)


The Add Bot sections... Manualy add bots one by one. Fill or reset a server. Empty, Kick and Balance teams.

add bot manualFill_Server_small

Manual adding. Automatic.


Bot Controls expands out into three sections Behavior, Weapons and Fun Modes.


The Behavior section. Weapons. Fun Modes.


Like the rest of the menu, the aim here was to automate a few commands into one click. When you use some of the Fun Modes in SturmBOT it gets a bit much and your game will crash if you have too many Bots. This depends on the power of your PC of course.

When you enter a Fun Mode with the aid of the menu the server numbers reset first, then the fun mode is added. A sort of a safety feature to stop your PC crashing.



SturmBOT Menu. Waypointing section.


The menu automates a lot of things needed to use SturmBOT by providing a single mouse click as opposed to entering in numerous typed commands in the console.

When you start to waypoint a map you have to start the engine, decide if you are going to lay down manual or auto waypoints with manual or automatic pathwaypoints. Then you may want to have those waypoints as a Team Specific or Non Team waypoints. This is before you have even placed the first waypoint!

Simple choices, but they can lead to many entries in to the console, take this scenario, you want to join Allies, lay down automatic waypoints only for the Allies, you do want to place paths and you need automatic ones...

Open console, type in press enter after each one...

1. pathwaypoint on.

2. autowaypoint on.

3. autopath on.

4. waypoint teamspecific

A lot of typing and you have not laid down a single waypoint yet.


Now try it this way...

Press the default key for you DoD menu "X', place your mouse pointer over the button "Waypoint Engine", slide over to "Start with Combinations", slide again to "AUTO Points AND Paths" click on it.

Go back to the same group and select "TEAM SPECIFIC (Toggle)"

That’s two keys and two clicks and no typing for the same result, plus you don't have to remember the commands...


Ok you get the idea, it's quicker.

You also don't have to remember a lot of commands or binds, it's in plain English right in front of you. There are lots of tasks when Waypointing that are long and drawn out.

There are some that are downright inconvenient.

The Waypoint Tag system is handy but to get to the last tag types it's a lot of key pressing on the standard menu, this has been speed up a bit as well, if you want the Sprint Tag, just open the menu, select the "group" it is in, the standard menu comes up, press "4" for sprint... done. (See the Picture below)

SturmBot obstruct


When you get into the advanced side of Waypointing, the editing and final cleaning up/checking, you may come across a waypoint you have to remove, the waypoint is a special one with a tag... but what type of tag and what side does it belong to?

SturmBOT has a command called "waypoint info", very handy, stand over a waypoint, open the console, type in the command and it displays it in the console :)

It has some problems... if you have not set "waypoint team off" it will only tell you about your current teams waypoints/tags :(

The menu way is easier and it takes care of those problems... Select "TAG Menus and Info" then "TAG info (READ CONSOLE)" What happens after the click is the console opens for you, at the same time it activates the "waypoint team off" and the "waypoint info" command. It also adds a spacer to separate the different ones you looked at...

SturmBot waypoint info


As you can see the different waypoints have been separated to make the results clearer and the process is quicker.

There are many more features like this in the menu, some I could not automate fully because of the half life console limits and the wording of the SturmBOT commands.

The "waypoint find" function was one of these, because it has the word "waypoint" and it is separated in two words, a complicated string of commands when also opening the console was not possible.

I tried to get the menu to find a waypoint with one click and type the number... it broke :( Still it was possible to simplify it a bit. In the "TAG Menus and Info" section you will see "Find a Waypoint", click on it and it will give you this...

SturmBot find_waypoint


















At least you have some sort of instruction to help. After you type in the command and number, remember... in the steam console you can press the keyboard up arrow to enter the last command typed and find other waypoints one after the other :)

Another one that could not be automated was the "waypoint creator" command to name your waypoints. This has the same kind of "Console Help"...


SturmBot creator


But enough of half features, here are the rest.

The two last sections are "Special Paths and WAYS" and "Waypoint diagnostics".

"Special Paths and WAYS" was included in the menu because it takes away the need to use up more bind keys for a couple of tasks that are not used that often... "waypoint connect" and "Ways". Again, it will save you a little time and trouble when waypointing a special place like a double cap area...

SturmBot Special_paths_ways

The "Waypoint diagnostics" section has Bots that test your Waypoints, one click will spawn a test Bot named "Pondexter". He will test the waypoint you are standing on and report errors. It does not matter if you are Allied and he is Axis the "observer on" command is also activated so he won't shoot you...

SturmBot Waypoint tester


The other features in this section (some repeated) are...

"Find a Waypoint"

"Waypoint info (READ CONSOLE)"


"Waypoint SAVE"

For Waypointing alone that sums up the features in this menu.


That is the end of all the information on the menu, If you need anymore info on playing DoD 1.3 with SturmBot there are not a lot of articles left, let me know if you have any bot info, send it, I will post it here.


SturmBot guides are disappearing all the time, this one by Gooofy is the best, copied here in case something happens to it..


Gooofy's Waypoint Tutorial


logo sturmbot


Learn DOD stuff - Waypoints

Last updated: 2004/06/09 by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

· with assistance from the "waypoint team"

Sturmbot is the bot for Day of Defeat, provided to us by Jowo (sadly, Jowo was just 16 years old when he was killed in the tsunomi which devastated Aceh, Indonesia in December 2005 while on holidays with his family).

I have learned about as much as I can to get these bots up and running for most DOD maps.
Here I will share with you my knowledge.
WARNING: I learned this stuff using Sturmbot 1.5, so my methods may be old and outdated.

Waypoint Team
Here, I would like to give credit to those whom have helped me along this path...

· Jowo - for providing us with excellent Sturmbot players at home

· Envinyatar - for the tutorial that comes with Strumbot

· Zero - for shining the light on "navigation" waypoints

· Godcha - for giving infinite number of examples to learn from

· Sk2k - for helping me to exercise "team specific" waypoints

· Hulk - for providing un-fathomable service to all with his houstondod web site

· Rasputin - for providing fantastic waypoint feedback above and beyond the call of duty

· Bigbadrat09 - for the special waypoint beta yahoo groups

The Software:

I am assuming that you have DOD installed and it is playable.
Obtain Sturmbot (web search for "sturmbot16.exe"). It should install easily.
NOTE: Sturmbot v1.6 works with DOD v1.0 (retail). Sturmbot v1.5 works with DOD v3.1 (beta).

Jowo was working on Sturmbot v1.7 when he was killed. It was released in a beta version by friends following his death.
Sturmbot v1.7 works with DOD 1.3 (retail, available online from Steam


Ensure that "-console" is in the command line for DOD desktop icon.
Right mouse click on desktop icon.
Select "Properties"
In "Target:" look for, or insert -console

Start DOD.

Run a map:

Click "multiplayer"
Click "lan games"
Click "create game", fill in your choices
Click "advanced"
Set "Time Limit (Min.)" to "0" (zero). This will allow you forever to complete your waypoints. The maps with count down time are a pain to waypoint - let someone else do those :)
Click "done"
Click "ok"

Select your team and player.

Waypointing a map:

In general, the purpose of waypointing a map is to allow the bots to follow pre-laid out paths so that they appear to "know" where to go (where the flags are...etc), and what to do (place a bomb...etc).

I have chosen to split waypoint learning into 3 sections, "beginner", "intermediate" and "advanced". Recently added "debug".
I hope that this style will allow you to quickly learn the essentials, and then move on once you have a feel for how the bots deal with your efforts.

In more detail, my 3 styles to waypointing are:

beginner - I believe that if you learn these basic commands, then you can waypoint most maps.

Here we will learn to use:

· pathwaypoint on/off

· autowaypoint on/off

· waypoint add

· waypoint delete

· waypoint save

· waypoint menu

·  flag waypoint

· waypoint info

· waypoint creator

· capture area waypoint

· connection create1/create2

· connection remove1/remove2

· object waypoint

· capture waypoint

· crouch waypoint

· jump waypoint

· ladder waypoint

· pathwaypoint create1/create2

· pathwaypoint remove1/remove2

intermediate - these commands will give you better control of bot actions, and performance.

Here we will learn to use:

·  autopath

· waypoint find

· waypoint test

· waypoint teamspecific

·door waypoint

·guard waypoint

·sniper waypoint

· waypoint team

advanced - these commands are useful for fine control of bots, to appear less machine-like.

Here we will learn to use:

· bottom ladder waypoint

· precision waypoint

· sprint waypoint

· button waypoint

· break waypoint

· wait waypoint

· better jump waypoint

· navigation waypoint

· waypoint connect

debug - these commands are useful for understanding the map.

Here we will learn to use:

· flag debug

Once the waypoints have been saved, they will automatically be loaded next time you start DOD using this map. You can make changes and re-save the waypoints again, overwriting the previous ones, delete the waypoint file and start again...etc.

To share your waypoints with friends, they are stored in the "C:\Sierra\Half-Life\dod\sturmbot\waypoints\" folder named after the map but the extension is "wpt" (example: dod_caen.wpt).

Commands are entered by typing into the game console window. An example is:

Drop down the console, using key ~

Type: pathwaypoint on

Hide the console, using key ~

Now let's assign the function keys (top of keyboard) short-cuts to simplify repetitive commands.
In the console window, type all the following lines (pressing ENTER after each):

bind "F3" "sturmbot menu"

bind "F4" "waypoint menu"

bind "F6" "waypoint save"

bind "F7" "waypoint add"

bind "F8" "waypoint delete"

bind "F9" "pathwaypoint create1"

bind "F10" "pathwaypoint create2"

bind "F11" "pathwaypoint remove1"

bind "F12" "pathwaypoint remove2"

NOTE: F5 is already taken for screen capture.

Waypointing - Beginner style

I believe that this section will cover the essentials to waypointing - the stuff you cannot do without.

I am assuming that, at this point, you are now a player (Allies or Axis) in the map you want to waypoint.

1.      See the construction:

In order to see what you are doing, you need to expose waypoints, as normally they are hidden.
Drop down the console, using key ~
Type: pathwaypoint on
Hide the console, using key ~, again.

You won't notice anything different now, as you don't have any waypoints yet. If you see colourful vertical lines, and white horizontal lines, then waypoints already exist. This is useful to learn how other people have done waypointing.

2.      Create waypoints:

To make things a bit easier (I am biting my tongue here!), enable autowaypointing, by typing in the console:

autowaypoint on

You should have heard a clunk sound (like a tooth just got pulled out), and if you take a step backwards, you should see a blue vertical line the same height as a player.

(Why do I bite my tongue? Well, read the whole document first, to find out.)

Ideally, you want all spawn points to have a waypoint; however, we have flexibility to put waypoints in the general vicinity and the bots will find it, usually.
I think that as long as the bot can see the waypoint, and can get to it within 5 steps we will be safe.
I will proceed through this section only to familiarize you with the essentials. You will need to come back and add more waypoints where bots spawn (for both teams).

Now walk a few steps forward (ie. away from the spawn area, towards the first flag).
You should here another clunk sound. When you do, stop and turn around to face the first waypoint.

What you should see are 2 blue vertical lines (waypoints), with 1 white horizontal line connecting them (path). Actually, the path looks like several, but it is only dancing around to be visible - lol.

Can you feel the power? Are you psyched?

CONGRATULATIONS: You are now an official waypointer!
(This group is not as big as you may think)

Ok, now keep walking towards the first flag (I hope your chosen map has flags!).

NOTE: If you observe that a waypoint got created in a spot that a white connecting line (path) was not established, then return to an in-between spot and manually place a waypoint by pressing function key F7 (assuming you bind the keys as described above). This new waypoint should now have paths going to the other waypoints on either side. If not, then manually add some more. Get the idea?

RULE: All waypoints need paths, if you want a bot to get to it.

3.                  Deleting waypoints:

So here you are with waypoints automatically added, and some that were manually added.
If you think that you can make a smoother path (ie. that path is cutting through a bush), then go ahead, manually create waypoints around the bush, and delete the bad waypoints by stepping over them and pressing function key F8.

You should have heard a different sound (like a bird stuck in a fan).

4.                  Save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

5.                  Flag waypoints:

Ok, you finally came up to a flag. That is great; however, the bots need to know that this waypoint is special.
Step over the flag and manually create a waypoint. Now all we need to do is assign "flag" to it. Do this by raising the waypoint menu, press F4.
WOW! Neato? Sure is. This is the Sturmbot waypoint menu that is used to assign 1 (or more) tag(s) to a waypoint.
You should see something like:

Waypoint Tags

1.                              Crouch Jump

2.                              Door Waypoint

3.                              Bazooka Target

4.                              Sniper Spot

5.                              More...

We want the "flag" tag, so press 5 to scroll to the next list of tags.
Now, you should see something like:

Waypoint Tags

6.                              Flag Location

7.                              Capture/Bomb Location

8.                              Object Location

9.                              Precision Waypoint

10.                          More...

Alright, press the number that is for the "flag" tag, the 1 key.
Take a step backwards. You should observe that the flag waypoint is now yellow colour.

Save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

6.                  Waypoint information:

Step over the flag waypoint and type in the console:

waypoint info

You should see in the console something like this:

Waypoint 14 of 15 total

Non team waypoint

There is a flag near this waypoint

7.                  Waypoint creator:

Ok, you feel good of what you have done so far, and you want to carve your name into this waypoint file.
Do this by typing into the console:

waypoint creator "Sturmbot waypoints created by me, 2003"
NOTE: You need to have the quotation marks surrounding your message.

Save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

8.                  Capture area waypoints

Most flags need only 1 player to walk over to control it.
There are some flags that require 1 (or more) player(s) a period of time to capture it.

To setup a capture area flag is not simple. I suggest these steps:

a.       Create a waypoint where you want the player(s) to wait for the flag to be captured.. Ensure that it has paths to other waypoints.

b.      Stand over this new waypoint and bring up the waypoint menu, press F4.
Cycle through the tag list until you see "Capture Area". Set that tag.
NOTE: Don't get fooled by the "Capture/Bomb" tag.

The waypoint has turned a white colour. Look down and you will see a blue pulsating ring on the ground.

c.       Now step to the flag (or if no flag, then anywhere near the "capture area" waypoint), and create a "flag" waypoint (see Step 5 above)

d.      Now what is needed is a special connection between the "capture area" and "flag" waypoints. This will allow the bots to understand how that flag operates.

To do this, step over the "capture area" waypoint and start the creation of a connection, by typing in the console:

connection create1
A new sound (like you jammed your toe in a door) should have been heard.

e.       Complete this connection by stepping over the "flag" waypoint, and typing in the console:

connection create2
NOTE: The numbers after "create" change from 1 to 2.

To see what you just did, walk back to the "capture area" waypoint, and look towards the "flag" waypoint. You should see another path of the colour purple (or pink?). This is the connection.

f.       This is terrific, unfortunately, you need to create a similar connection in the other direction, that is, from the "flag" waypoint to the "capture area" waypoint.
Step over the "flag" waypoint and start a new connection, by typing in the console (that's right):

connection create1

g.      Complete the connection by stepping over the "capture area" waypoint, and in the console type (you got it):

connection create2

Picture time...
sturmbt tut1

So you see, paths/connections actually have 2 directions, and "autowaypoint on" creates paths automatically. In the intermediate style I will discuss this further (please remind me).

There is no wait period assignment, as the bots seem to acknowledge when the flag connected to the "capture area" waypoint has been controlled. They will even call out "I need backup!" to get other bot's attention. Amazing!

Um, just for documentation sake, you can also remove connections in a similar fashion as creating them but substitute "create" with "remove", for example:

connection remove1

connection remove2

Save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

9.                  Object waypoints:

For maps with objects (like TNT or satchel charges) you will need 2 new waypoint tags, the location of the object, and the destination for the object. There is no care to which actual satchel charge is used for a particular breakable wall.

To create an "object" waypoint, stand over the object, and create a waypoint.
Not sure here, but sometimes the waypoint will be created with the proper tag. If the waypoint is not blue colour, then check it's information.
If you need to assign "object" tag to the blue waypoint, then step over the waypoint and go through the tag list (you know, press F4 and select "Object Location").

Don't forget, save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

10.              Capture/Bomb waypoints:

For maps with objects (like TNT or satchel charges) you will need 2 new waypoint tags, the location of the object, and the destination for the object.

To create a "capture/bomb" waypoint, stand over the target, and create a waypoint.
Not sure here, but sometimes the waypoint will be created with the proper tag. If the waypoint is not blue colour, then check it's information.
If you need to assign "capture/bomb" tag to the blue waypoint, then step over the waypoint and go through the tag list (you know, press F4 and select "Capture/Bomb Location").

Save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

Special section for objects that need to be captured, example: documents (like in dod_jagd).

You will require the use of 3 waypoints (object, capture, and flag) as well as connections.

0.      Place an "object" waypoint at the object (ie. document).

1.      Place a "flag" waypoint near the object (ie. document).

2.      Place a "capture" waypoint at the return location of the object (ie. spawn).

3.      Make connections in both directions between the "object" and "capture" waypoints.

4.      Make a connection in both directions between the "flag" and "capture" waypoints.

11.              Crouch waypoints:

Ok, you've come a long way, and this is only the beginner style (haha)!

There are places where the bot needs to crouch, like in a tunnel.
This is actually too easy. Create the "crouch" waypoint by simply crouching when you create the waypoint.
The new "crouch" waypoint should be half the player height, and light blue in colour.

I don't have a comment on "prone" waypoints, but go prone and create a waypoint, and you will notice that that works fine.

Save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

12.              Jump waypoints:

This is the last waypoint covered for the beginner style, and it is a tricky one. These instructions will blend in nicely for the intermediate style following.

Ok, there is a wall that the bot needs to hop over. Yes, this can be done too.
First, jump to the top of the wall and create a new waypoint.
Cycle through the tags and assign it the "Crouch Jump" tag.
It should turn to a white colour.

NOTE: I prefer to create a "crouch" waypoint first, then assign the "jump" tag to it; however, this colour remains a light blue.

Have I told you to save your work yet? Press the F6 function key.

13.              Ladder waypoints:

Almost there!
Maps with ladders also need specially tagged waypoints. These, I know for sure, are tagged automatically.
Simply walk up to the bottom of the ladder until you stick to it, create a new waypoint (F7), and you should have an orange coloured "ladder" waypoint.
Climb up the ladder until your eyes can see over the top, create another waypoint.

Save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

14.              Path creation:

Cool? Well, not so fast. I have observed that the paths are not always automatically created between the bottom "ladder" waypoint and the top one.

Climb down to the bottom "ladder" waypoint. Look up, do you see a white path to the top "ladder" waypoint?
If you don't, you need to manually create the path.

This is similar to creating connections (see Step 8).
Start the path creation, by typing in the console:

pathwaypoint create1
Climb to the top "ladder" waypoint and complete the connection:

pathwaypoint create2

Um, just for documentation sake (again), you can also remove paths in a similar fashion as creating them but substitute "create" with "remove", for example:

pathwaypoint remove1

pathwaypoint remove2

Save your work, by pressing the F6 function key.

15.              Test your work:

Go ahead, test out your masterpiece!

B-U-T FIRST! Disable the automatic creation of waypoints! Otherwise you are dead meat as the bots will cause the automatic creation of waypoints, in the air sometimes.
In console type:

autowaypoint off

Press F3 and add a bot for the team that you have created spawn waypoints for. Follow the bot around for a while, and observe how it handles your waypoints.
This is pretty interesting stuff.

NOTE: I have been warned that having bots in the map while you are creating/editing waypoints is bad. I have never experienced any problems, but those whom have, swear very loudly.
To remove the bots from the map, press F3 then 5.

Waypointing - Intermediate style

I think the first step at becomming an intermediate waypointer is to have more control of the waypoint and path creation process. In the "ladder" waypoints (Step 13), you possibly needed to create a path manually from the bottom "ladder" waypoint to the top one. Also, for the "capture area" waypoint (Step 8) you needed to manually create connections.

  1. Manual control:

So you are already have experience with creating paths/connections manually, and probably by now created waypoints manually too. You just need some more information. That is, how to disable the automatic waypoint/path creation?

While testing your waypoints with bots (Step 15), I asked you to disable automatic creation of waypoints (ie. autowaypoint off).
So now, when you manually create a waypoint, the paths are automatically created. This is wonderful, but can get quite messy, plus the bots have so many more path choices to decide over.

Let's turn off automatic path creation, by typing in the console:

NOTE: This command doesn't have and "on" or "off" parameter. It works as a toggle.
In the console window, just following the issue of this command, it will tell you the new state of this toggle switch.

Create a new waypoint, now you see just the waypoint, just like when you created your first one (Step 2).
You now have control of which waypoints connect, and also, in which direction. Create a path from this new waypoint to another waypoint as described above (Step 14). You may choose to connect a path back or not.
NOTE: This may come back to haunt you later. There is a rule that all waypoints must be connected, so if a bot cannot find a path to a waypoint, there will be a complaint message.

  1. Making corrections:

You are now an intermediate waypointer with full control of what gets built. The sad part is that we are humans, and make mistakes. We need to repair such mistakes.
One command that will be of most use is the waypoint locator. In the console, type:

waypoint find 12
This will allow you to locate waypoint #12. Spin around until you notice a long path line from your body shooting out in the distance, in a horizontal fashion. Follow this "umbilical cord" to the other end and that will be waypoint #12.

To turn this locator off, in the console type:

waypoint find off

Now here is something you don't want to miss.
You can find a navigational waypoint. Then "ways on" to display the routes, and see how the routes are connected FROM ANYWHERE.

  1. Waypoint testing:

You want to see if a bot can make those tricky jumps waypoints?
Stand at the waypoint to test, add a bot to your team and issue console command:

waypoint test
If the bot is close by, you should hear him reply "Yes Sir!", or "Sumaseal!" (pardon my German).

If 2 hours (just kidding) go by and he hasn't shown up yet, issue the command again.
I have often been tempted to bind this command! To bind it, in the console, type:

bind "t" "waypoint test"
(well, choose a letter that doesn't already do anything important, "t" is to spray paint your logo - whoopty doo)

  1. Door waypoints:

Going through doors are not the best choice for bots, as the doors need to be pushed open, and then there is a delay for the door to swing wide enough, and then they close.
Also, the bots tend to look left and right as they walk, so when they look hit a door, and just happen to be looking sideways at the same time, the door may open towards them, in the wrong direction. To help with these issues, we have the "door" waypoint.

The "door" waypoint prevents the bots from looking sideways, and also makes them pause for a short while.

Do I need to tell you how to tag the "door" waypoint? Good, well, atleast I'll tell you where to locate the door waypoint...
Place a "door" waypoint in the middle of the door frame.

NOTE: Prevent a path passing through the door when the door is open, know what I mean? Instead, make waypoints going around the open door.

  1. Guard waypoint:

Tag a waypoint as "guard" and a bot will stay there for a long time.
You will notice that the "guard" waypoint has another piece around eye level. This tell the direction the bot needs to look.

You can create "guard" waypoints, in combination with standing, crouching or proning (sp?) positions.

  1. Sniper waypoints:

Similar to "guard" waypoints", snipers need to have their special spots (alleys, windows...etc).
Tag a waypoint as "sniper", and the sniper bot appears to look for this waypoint instinctively.
MG bots will use them too, and if there is an MG nest at that spot, they will deploy there.
Choose to be an MG player, to find the right angles to set the sniper tags.

  1. Team specific waypoints:

So far all your waypoints have been "non team specific". That means that that waypoint is recognized by all teams.
Well, it is time to get one last step closer to "advanced" style, isn't it?

Some places (like an alley), you want one team to move left, and the other team to move right. Or, you don't want the Allies bots to travel into the Axis spawn area, nor vice versa!
This is simple by using "team specific" waypoints.
Issue the console command:

waypoint teamspecific
Any waypoints your create now will be for the team that you are a member of, and thus, only bots from this team will recognize. Green colour for Allies, and Red colour for Axis.
You can create paths to (and from) "non team specific" waypoints and "team specific" waypoints.

NOTE: I believe that a well waypointed map, combines a good blend of "team specific" and "non team specific" waypoints where it matters.

With these waypoints, you have more control as to how each team approaches flags, around corners, or bridges...etc.

For editing these "team specific" waypoints, a handy command is:

waypoint team off
Normally, you are only allowed to edit "team specific" waypoints for "your" team. This command allows you to edit "team specific" waypoints for any team, or in other words, disables the team limitation.

WARNING: Take extra care when using "capture area" tags with "team specific" waypoints. I suggest to match the "flag" and "capture area" waypoints as "team specific", for both teams respectively.

Picture time...
sturmbt tut2

You are now classified as an intermediate waypointer - IMHO.

Waypointing - Advanced style

So, you have fallen in love with waypointing and can't wait to become an above average waypointer, right? Here are my tricks of the trade...

  1. Bottom ladder waypoint:

The "bottom ladder" waypoint tells the bot, that it is safe to jump off the ladder from here (assuming he is climbing down), as opposed to climbing all the way down to the bottom, then unsticking itself.

To smartly do this, create a new waypoint on the ladder above the lower "ladder" waypoint and assign the tag to "bottom ladder". Create a path from this waypoint to the waypoint on the ground that you would like the bot to jump to.

Picture time...
sturmbt tut3

Oh, while I am in this picture, can you notice, there is a "crouch" waypoint from the top "ladder" waypoint?
I found that this helps the bots to launch off the ladder as their legs are tucked - very strange.

  1. Precision waypoints:

This one is sometimes impossibe to live without!
Most waypoints are "hit" roughly, as you must have found out by now.
This "precision" waypoint forces the bot to hit it exactly.
You may actually observe a bot run past a "precision" waypoint, and return to hit it properly.

WARNING: I have experience problems with "precision" waypoints, because as several bots are running in a line and the first bot misses the waypoint, then doubles back, he causes a block, and a jam results.

Not sure where this will be handy? Ok, I'll give some examples:

    • through narrow doors
    • some flags, if the paths return (ie. U-turn)
    • some sniper/MG spots
    • tight corners
    • jumping through windows
    • walking along the top of a fence (really!)
    • convinced yet?
  1. Sprint waypoints:

Need to get your bot sprinting through and air-strike zone?
This is the waypoint tag for you. You can have several of these and get your boys out safe.
Funny comment time: The bots seem to overshoot "sprint" waypoints that make a corner like my 5 year old son used to.

  1. Button waypoints:

This is required to get the bot to activate object, like a mortar (dod_ambushcombat), or TNT coil (dod_train), for example.

(Notice I am just flying through these, well, that's because I am saving my energy for "navigation" waypoints.)

  1. Break waypoints:

Ok, the map requires you to jump through a window (dod_wildwest) or sewer grate (dod_flash)!
Tag a waypoint as "break" and the bot will shoot (never seen them use a knife yet) any object that is breakable nearby.

Actually, the bots seem to randomly shoot at breakable objects anyhow, but this tag forces them to do it.

  1. Wait waypoints:

This is used to get the bots to "line up" behind each other, so that they can buy movie tickets in an orderly fashion.
Well, actually, if the bots appear to jam in a tight spot, then tage the waypoints leading up to that spot as "wait".

  1. Better Jump waypoints:

Again? This was covered in the intermediate style section.
Aye matey, but there is a really super way to get the bots jumping. Trust me, I have spent 3 days on just this single topic alone.

Ok, you can get the bots to jump, but did you know that you can with good results?
We need to combine several tags here. My favourite test is jumping through a narrow window. Let's start with the pictures this time...

Picture 1:
You want to jump through this window from left to right direction.

sturmbt tut5

Picture 2:
I had explained earlier to place the "Couch Jump" tag on a "crouch" waypoint at the very spot where you want the bot to jump to. I have found that the bots often got stuck here.

sturmbt tut6

Picture 3:
Well, using 2 "precision" waypoints on the left (blue/white colour) to line up the bot perfectly and the "crouch" waypoint (with "Crouch Jump" and "precision" tags) on the other side of the wall, the bots flew through here easily.

sturmbt tut7

Picture 4:
For the case where a bot misses the window, I place a "crouch" waypoint where he could get stuck, which will bring him back for a good try at the window again.

sturmbt tut8

  1. Navigation waypoints:

Well, this is it. We have reached the "mother" of all waypoints.
You will notice that the bots run around fine, they capture flags, kill and die...etc, but isn't something missing? Like, they appear to always got through the building and never around?

The standard waypoints are good enough, but the bots will find the shortest path and take it, always. Is that any fun, just set your MG outside the door, and clean up the lot of them?

Ok, get on with it man!

Introducing "navigation" waypoints. These give you (the waypointer) the ultimate in control, by allowing the bots to resemble, as closely as possible, human player path selections.
Yes, that is correct! Give them freedom of choice.
The "navigation" waypoint tag, is not used frequently, normally at intersection points (or T-junctions), or sometimes in the middle of a long path of waypoints.

Besides waypoints, we have covered "paths" (connecting waypoints to each other) and "connections" (connecting the "flag" to "capture area" waypoints). We now have "ways" connecting "navigation" waypoints, travelling through "paths".

My method of assigning a "navigation" tag is to create a "team specific" waypoint first, then assign it the tag.
It should turn a white colour (often confused with the "jump" waypoint).

Picture time (I'm gonna need lots)...

Picture 1:
Here is my example, containing 3 paths (top, middle, bottom) to get from left side to the flag on the right. You will probably guess that the bots will always choose to use the middle path, as it is the shortest distance.



Picture 2:
I have decided that I would like force the Allies bots to also travel the bottom route. So I will replace some "non team specific" waypoints with "team specific" (green colour).

sturmbt tut9


Picture 3:
Now I set 3 of them as "navigation" waypoints (green/white colour). A "ways" should then exist along the bottom path.

sturmbt tut10


Picture 4:
So what about the Axis team? Axis can nolonger take the bottom path, so lets force them to take the top path. So I will replace some "non team specific" waypoints with "team specific" (red colour), and create 2 new "team specific" waypoints next to those of the Allies team.

sturmbt tut10


Picture 5:
Set 3 of the Axis "team specific" waypoints as "navigation" (red/white colour). And again, there should be a "ways" connecting the top for the Axis team.

sturmbt tut12

So the result should now be: Allies bots can travel 2 paths (middle and bottom), and the Axis bots 2 paths (middle and top) any time they feel like.

I realize that my pictures suck, so I have provided a custom map with "navigation" waypoints just to teach this topic. You can download the 45kB ZIP file from here. Join as spectator, then add 2 bots on each side (recommend the 2nd rifle man - carbine/karabiner), sit back, watch and understand.

While in my custom map, join a team and try these console commands to see before your very own eyes, what the "ways" look like:

ways on

ways off
A very interesting effect on "ways" are that they change colours. I believe that they change depending on "danger" aspect of that "way" path. If a bot/player dies on that "way" path, the colour changes closer to red colour.

When adding/editing "navigation" waypoints, you may need to have to rebuild the "ways". Do that with console command:

ways rebuild

Now here is something you don't want to miss.
You can find a navigational waypoint. Then "ways on" to display the routes, and see how the routes are connected FROM ANYWHERE.

  1. Waypoint connect:

Most objectives should be linked with a flag entity in the map.
For the example of requiring TNT to destroy a truck (eg. dod_hameau), you would create a "Capture/Bomb waypoint", then create a "Flag" waypoint, then create connections in both directions.
The better way is to create the "Capture/Bomb" waypoint using "Teamspecific" first, then use the console command:

waypoint connect
This will produce a menu listing possible map entities to choose from. Make your selection, and the flag waypoint plus connections will be automatically created for you.

  1. Flag debug:

Join a team (ie. do not play in spectator mode), and type in the console window:

This will list the various flag entities in the map.
If you assigned waypoints properly, this command will list he teams associated with the entities.

I left some stuff out, but that should be enough to get you on the way.

Good luck!
sturmbt tut13




Visit Mamma Jamma's Sturmbot Site for Sturmbot programs, waypoint files, utilties, and tutorials.     sturmbt tut14



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