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Day of Defeat:Source Bots install Guide
Steam Guide to install bots for Day of Defeat: Source
INsanes GUI and HUD for Day of Defeat: Source
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To join you promise that...

You will not advertise any product or place.(no spamming, automated or manual)

You will not post offensive material (Hard core/sick Porn pictures, movies or text)

You are Human. (no bots allowed, no fake accounts to spam)

You will not be a total shit and abuse others.(Especially abuse to the disabled, females and racist remarks)


Low Level Swearing is allowed... so long as it is not abuse.

Low level porn allowed... in avatars and occasionally, don't use dodbits as your photo album or porn site FFS.

Getting upset is OK... you will be moderated if you go too far.

English is preferred, post as best you can. All languages are OK, please try and also place in your message in English too.


I reserve the right to refuse access to any person or object.

Rules may change at any time.


Have Fun.

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