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Joining the Forums

Change your Profile(Name, contact, or Avatar)

Posting on the Forums

  1. Basic reply to others topics.
  2. Start a new Topic.
  3. Add a web page link.
  4. Upload a file and attach to your post.
  5. Add an image from the web.
  6. Add a Video from a web sevice like YouTube
  7. Insert a map from google maps

Non Forum dodbits Membership activities.

  1. Submitting a download to "Downloads" section
  2. Posting a comment below a download or an article.

To post on these forums you must be a member.
A dodbits membership is more than these forums, it also allows some access to dodbits areas.

  • You can submit a file in the downloads section.
  • You can comment on almost any article on dodbits.

To join dodbits.
1. Press the "dodbits Login" link up on menu just below the site banner/top menu.
2. Select the link "Don't have an account?"
3. Fill out the User Registration forum.
You just have to fill out the "Required" items, the Captcha answer, then press the "Register" button.
4. An email will be sent and you can activate by clicking a return link.
5. You should be logged in, if not return to the "dodbits Login" link and place in your user and password.

Change your Profile

Basic changes can be made after you have joined, the "Forum" button has submenus and you select "Profile" to make changes. Below is an example, the avatar change.

To change your Avatar.
You must be logged in of course!
1. Hover on the "Forum" menu and select "Profile" OR  find your name on a post and click on it.
2. Then find the small red "EDIT" button on the top bar.
3. Select the "Avatar Image" Tab.
4. After that you will see lots of images I have placed there, use that or upload your own (100px X 100px max size 2048 kB ).
5. The radio button for the server images is on the bottom left of the image.
6. Press the save button at the bottom of the page.

Posting on the Forums

Basic reply to others topics. This is simple after you have registered and logged in. Just hit the "Reply Topic" button when you are viewing the post. A editor will pop-up and you start typing. You will see some controls in the editor for all sorts of adjustments, do be afraid to try them, see the general forums "Test Posts", make yourself a new topic and don't worry about a mistake, that's why that section is there...testing. A lot of buttons are obvious like bold and color, just highlight what you need to change and press a button. Some of the more complex ones are covered below.

Start a new Topic. To start your own topic just select the appropriate section and select the "New Topic" button. When you are satisfied you can preview it with one of two preview buttons, (near the help ? icon) that look like this preview. Speaking of the "?" icon, it looks like this help and opens a new window to the BBcode page on the Kunena (this forum type) wiki.

Add a web page link. When typing you may like to enter a web link to a word. Highlight the word you want to place a link on. In the editor you will find a small button web click it, boxes and buttons appear just below, paste in the link in the "URL" box and the words you highlighed should display in the "Text" box, then press "Insert" button. The bbcode for that is now displayed. Continue posting by leaving a space and type. When you post the word/s will be a clickable link. A raw web address will also automatically show as a clickable link.

Upload a file and attach to your post. The forums will allow you to attach a file, this can be a zip, an image. Allowed File Types (10MB limit)... txt,rtf,pdf,zip,tar.gz,tgz,tar.bz2. Allowed Image Types (512KB and 1024x1024 Max)... jpg,jpeg,gif,png. Images when uploaded do not re-size to a thumbnail and if larger will be re-sized to 1024.

Add an image from the web. If you need to show an image you can use the image button image web Like the web address you have some text boxes and a button. Select your Thumbnail size "Size" (100-200 is good) and then the address in "URL" then press the "Insert" button. The code will go in and display after the submit button is pressed. The small thumbnail image will expand in a "lightbox" when clicked on.

Add a Video from a web service like YouTube. This is possible and simple just like a web address, you use the Video link button video add Get the actual address, (in your browsers address bar not the "embedded" addresses) now click the Video link button, text boxes appear, place the address in the "URL" text box and press the "Insert" button. You can adjust this with more settings, it depends on what provider the video is steaming from. For a YouTube video, the address from the browser and press insert is OK.

Insert a map from google maps. This is simple, go to a google map and right click on a spot and click the "What's Here" link. Google maps will place a placeholder tag and you will notice a Latitude and Longitude number in the search bar, like this... "-27.397298,153.444314" copy it. Now press the insert map icon googlemaps the code will drop into the post, paste in the google lat' and long'... [map]-27.432804,153.463197[/map] that should return a map that has the placeholder pin pointed and can function as a google map should.

Non Forum dodbits Membership activities.

Submitting a download to "Downloads" section. You can upload your own work, (or others) to the downloads section of dodbits. As a member your name will go on the download item and you have control of updates, edits and deletion. As a member you have access to fill out a form, add screenshots, add the download either off site or uploaded and post a message about the download. There is also a author, size, weblinks and other fields if they are required.

Just go to the Downloads section, find the submit file link (Red arrow icon) and fill out the form...easy and you are in control in case you need to change it. Others can comment and vote for your submission.

Posting a comment below a download or an article. As a member you can comment on most articles, if I did not explain it well enough... tell me what you did not understand of just flat out say that what I have there is wrong. Don't hold back, give it a go and add something. Got a nice bind or found a new command for dod:s or CS:S? Why not share it in the article others are also reading? Just go down to the article bottom area if you are logged in and place in your message, a basic web editor has been enabled for members only.

More will be added to this guide if requested.

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