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So far we have explored a few of the functions in HM NIS Edit, there are some more yet... that are very handy. We have looked at the top two, adding a color and a single file name.

We can now move on to some more.


HM NIS Edit's useful plugin for adding Files and Folders to existing scripts.

This may come in handy, you don't have to install this plug-in, I don't use it that often... just letting you know it is availlable.

This will allow you to insert File and Folder addresses with ease. The "Insert file name..." function will only insert single files, this add-on allows you to browse and include a Directory and insert it correctly, then add the files inside it listing them under the directory.

You will find the plug-in on HM NIS Edit's main page

Just look in the "Other files" section near the bottom, click on the link. An alternate link is here.

The readme.... To install copy the hmne_addfiles.dll file to the HM NIS Edit plugins directory (C:\HM Soft\NisEdit\Plugins) and restart HM NIS Edit.

You will find a new item under the Tools menu.


HM NIS Edit's Code Template Tool.

This next tool is a very important one it saves you a lot of time!

Remember that Steam folder finder function we added by going to a web page, copying the script then pasting it into your script? There is a way to place that into the script very quickly, The Code Template Tool.

The way this works is you click on a part of the script you want to insert your custom code, go to "Tools" then "Code templates >". Then a message box fill of titles pops-up, when you click on a title the code it links to gets inserted into the script!

Better than having a folder full of scripts you have to go and find all the time... it's neat and integrated into the program. Plus you can add your own... "Code Snippets".

Let's add that Steam Folder finder one to it now. Go back to that web page with the Code.... Copy all the text in the link for your mod... DoD:s CS:s

edit code1a

Go to "Tools" "Edit code templates" Click on the "new" Icon, name the template something like "Steam folder finder" and press OK.

Now you can Paste in that code you copied by pressing "Ctrl v" .... don't put it away yet, one more thing to do!

The text file these code snippets are stored in need a separator so they don't get mixed up.

To do this the text file uses the "|" pipe symbol (usually above the enter key).

Press enter once to go to a clear, new line. Put in the "|" and Press OK.

Test your new Template in a empty script, just press "File" "new empty script" then go to "Tools" then "Code templates >" find your title you made and click on it.



Note: If you don't add that " |" symbol in what will happen is all of the code will go in... but if there is a " |" in the script the mouse cursor will stop at the last " |" in the script and it will be wrong! Make sure you have that separator in the last line of your custom code snippet.

This function has many possibilities, you can make a whole script ... place it in as a template, change just a few things like the name, uninstaller, change the files, graphics... and you have a quick way of making your installer with one click and a few file adresses!

Well there is one more yet... Advanced options.

Feeling confident? For the more options in the Components section, go to the Advanced install options next.

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