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Category: DoD:s Maps and Map Packs
Number of Subcategories: 8
DoD:S Single Textured Maps Files: 3

updated steampipeUpdated for SteamPipe. Single DoD:S custom textured map downloads.

The Community Assembled Map Project Files: 2

updated steampipeMap Packs from the The Community Assembled Map Project Team. 8 Top Quality maps in two packs... dods best custom maps!

DoD:S COCK Maps Files: 15

updated steampipeCustom    Optimize    Completely    Knackered   maps

That's what a COCK map is, a fixed up map, the map is popular but the author has disappeared or can't be found and has left the community with a map that has a problem of some sort. Think of these as another version of the same map.

Note: if you find your work here... don't go nuts, all this means is people really like your map but it's a case of fix it or delete it. Cock is the "Author" and is not a person, it stands for a map that was rescued and now lives again. Lots of these are orange maps and perhaps the authors first time at mapping, then someone else took the time to fix it but could not find you. Contact me if you are upset!

dodbits Map Packs Files: 7

updated steampipeUpdated all Map downloads for SteamPipe. These map packs are a group of maps I used for our local game server. I put these in separate downloads for those that don't want to download individual files. I tried to place in the most popular ones that a server may have.

DoD:s Classic map ports Files: 11

updated steampipeThese maps are ports (copies) of older dod version classics or classics from other games remade and "ported"  to Day of Defeat Source.

Strange and Rare Maps Files: 5

updated steampipeJust a place to put some maps I have made and others.

I will place in maps that are rare, strange, not normal... but fit to play... and you may not see these anywhere else. Most were used only for the bogan clan when it was running.

They are not top class, but fun for a change of pace.

DoD:S Single Orange Maps Files: 0

updated steampipeFor DoD:S single orange maps

Fun with physics dods Maps Files: 3

updated steampipeJust for fun, physics in mapping can be hard ...and fun.

Here are some maps that are just ole INsane ...and others, screwing around with hammer.

No files available yet for this category!

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