Known RCBot2 waypoints and Map Downloads

Map support for RCBot2 (Day of Defeat:Source only)

On this page you will find a list of supported waypoints that either come in the standard download for RCBot2 or are in development and can be downloaded separately.

Eventually they will make it into main downloads either from RCBot2 or the downloads I make here.



1. Installing RCBot2 - Adds Single player mode to standard multiplayer only Day of Defeat:Source

2. Downloading custom maps - In bulk or one by one.

3. New waypoints - added after the latest installer was made @ 30 June 2019

4. The list of standard waypoints - whats in the installers @ 30 June 2019

5. Review notes on waypoints - if I review a waypoint file and reject, I provide a note of faults found.


 1. Installing RCBot2

There are two ways, easy and hard.

(A) My installer (Day of Defeat: Source only) is best for those who only want DoD:S and don't like a lot of manual editing.


(B) The Official installer - links are in this guide. Much harder than my installer but if you play Day of Defeat:Source, Half-Life2: Deathmatch and Team Fortress 2 then the traditional way to install RCBot2 could be what you need.

2. Downloading Custom maps

Two ways, Map packs or single files.

(A) I have a download that matches the all the custom maps in the 30 June 2019 installers.

CLICK HERE - download all the custom maps mentioned below in a 1.45GB download from Mediafire.


(B) You may need to grab a single map if new waypoints come out (see the 'New Waypoints" section below) after the installer was made. I will try and place them in the next section.

There are already three new waypoints since the 30 June 2019 installers were made. The best place to find new waypoints is to keep looking at the RCBot2 dod:s waypoint forum and search for new posts. The forum is alphabetical, OK for finding maps A-Z but hard to find new waypoints. 

The best places for the matching map is either on this site, 17buddies or Gamebanana.  

I have placed links in a table for both maps and waypoints in the two sections below this.

3. New Waypoints

New Waypoints NOT in the installers (30 June 2019)

As always there is always a new set that comes along and they may even be better than the ones in the official pack, if I spot them I'll try and report that here in the below table.

From time to time I do update my installer, if you see no entries in the table below, better check the installer link for a version change.


New RCBot2 custom map waypoints not in the installers @ 30 June 2019
Waypoint / Map name / Download URL Waypoint Found in /URL Good - OK -Poor
dod_switchback_b1 madmax2 (7 Jul 2019) Good
dod_priority1 madmax2 (29 Aug 2019 Good
madmax2 (8 Nov 2019) Good
dod_old_mainz INsane (6 Jan 2020) Good


4. The list of standard waypoints

Below is table with 40 dods waypoints I found in the official download of the "RCBot2 Installer 2019" in the RCBot forums plus a further 37 that are now in the latest download of either the installer at RCBot2 or my installer. The section below that is a number of waypoints I found and tested. 

It means RCBot2 now has 84 Day of Defeat: Source maps supported in the official installer that turn the game into a 84 level singleplayer game.

40 Waypoints in the 30 June 2019 installer (66 in all but 24 are versions 2 have no map found) Plus 37 reviewed and tested to make 
Waypoint / Map name / Download URL Waypoint Found in /URL Map type
dod_anvil 2019 installer Custom
dod_anzio (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_argentan (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_aura 2019 installer Custom
dod_avalanche (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_avalanche@night 2019 installer Custom
dod_azure 2019 installer Custom
dod_bunker_warfare_v1 2019 installer Custom
dod_caen_b07 2019 installer Custom
dod_caen_b07_nb - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_caen_b07_op - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_churchyard 2019 installer Custom
dod_coire_rc3 2019 installer Custom
dod_colmar (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_cr44b3_remake 2019 installer Custom
dod_donner (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_donner_op - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_dust_core 2019 installer Custom
dod_dust_sl 2019 installer Custom
dod_dust2_slg 2019 installer Custom
dod_dust2_tdf 2019 installer Custom
dod_dust2_tdf_rb - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_flash (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_flasher_rc1 2019 installer Custom
dod_flasher_rc1NC - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_gan 2019 installer Custom
dod_goodwood_b3 2019 installer Custom
dod_goodwood_b3_nb - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_goodwood_b3_op - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_harrington 2019 installer Custom
dod_hill_classic 2019 installer Custom
dod_jagd (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_kalt (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_lennon 2019 installer Custom
dod_longestday_b5 2019 installer Custom
dod_marche 2019 installer Custom
dod_marseilles 2019 installer Custom
dod_orange_gunna_arena 2019 installer Custom
dod_palermo (official map in game) 2019 installer VALVe
dod_paysage 2019 installer Custom
dod_peleliu_b4 2019 installer Custom
dod_peleliu_b4_rcbot2c - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_peleliu_b4_rcbot2_agc - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_plateau_b6 2019 installer Custom
dod_plateau_b6_rcbot2 - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_plateau_b6_rcbot2_tdm_v1 - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_plateau_b6_rcbot2_tdm_v2 - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_rush 2019 installer Custom
dod_santos_b3 2019 installer Custom
dod_schlosshotel 2019 installer Custom
dod_sniperbridge_rc1 2019 installer Custom
dod_snow_battlefield_final 2019 installer Custom
dod_solitude_match 2019 installer Custom
dod_sora_b3 2019 installer Custom
dod_strand 2019 installer Custom
dod_strand_bc - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_strasbourg_b3 2019 installer Custom
dod_stug 2019 installer Custom
dod_titanic_1912_rcbot2 2019 installer Custom
dod_troddle 2019 installer Custom
dod_U471_b2 2019 installer Custom
dod_U471_b2_rcbot2 - ver of above 2019 installer Custom
dod_vigilance 2019 installer Custom
dod_winter 2019 installer Custom
kalt_tunnels_v1 no link found 2019 installer unknown
orange_ladder no link found 2019 installer unknown

37 Waypoints missing in the Feb 2019 installer  (link to the download)

Note 30th June 2019 the missing waypoints are now in the "RCBot2 Installer 2019"

Waypoint / Map name / Download URL Waypoint Found in /URL Map type
3xi_trainmap genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_arrierveld Emotional & madmax2 Custom
dod_beachlanding_tdf madmax2 (Nov 2019) Custom
dod_beaverville_b2 Emotional & madmax2 Custom
dod_bretagne_v2 Gordon - htt123 inside a game banana pack Custom
dod_breugelb8 madmax2 Custom
dod_causeways Gordon - htt123 inside a game banana pack Custom
dod_cherbourg YuriFR Custom
dod_claviers madmax2 Custom
dod_dijon genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_don Emotional & madmax2 Custom
dod_flugplatz_source_b4 Gordon - htt123 inside a game banana pack Custom
dod_forza_rc1 dgesd Custom
dod_fuhrer_bunker MarioGuy3 Custom
dod_gan genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_hinterland_1944 darkranger Custom
dod_hunt_b4 htt Gamebanana Custom
dod_ingot_b6 htt Gamebanana Custom
dod_kaust Emotional & madmax2 Custom
dod_panic_v2 htt123 Custom
dod_peleliu_semperfi genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_real_arena Emotional & madmax2 Custom
dod_retake_1944 htt123 Custom
dod_rio_b2 dgesd Custom
dod_rouen genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_s4e_clash_rc2 darkranger Custom
dod_salerno dgesd Custom
dod_snowbridge_explode_8 madmax2 & genmac Custom
dod_snow_map genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_solitude_match genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_strand_semperfi genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_suron_map4 genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_tiger2008 genmac final April 2013 Custom
dod_tunisia madmax2 Custom
dod_verdun_b3 htt123 Custom
dod_wn71 genmac Custom
dod_wn71_b1 genmac final April 2013 Custom





































5. Review notes on waypoints (with map notes).

3xi_trainmap - OK - near impossible to cap

It’s an orange map... a camp fest practice map. Set the server size to 8 on this one.


dod_arrierveld – GOOD – Great capping map

Really fast paced and fun, bots are excellent set server size 10 to 16. Best map reviewed.

Why these are not in the main pact eludes me!


dod_beachlanding_tdf - Score OK - but needs a fix for axis spawn. Note this is being worked on by madmax2!

The allied bots capped out but the axis side bots (about 2- 6 of them at different times) were stuck in the far left bunker (looking up from the beach). This is likely OK as it’s a beach map and axis have an advantage.Needs max bot setting.


dod_beaverville_b2 - Score GOOD

I didn't see any issue with the waypoints, allied team seemed stronger and "we" one human and two bot capped the 3 man middle tank flag and soon after a bot took the last axis flag. Set 10 to 12 server.


dod_bretagne_v2 - Score POOR - has issues on ladders needs work.

The map has lots of underground areas ramps and ladders, the bots struggle on this map, they are getting hung up in lots of places. Set to Max bots.


dod_breugelb8 –Good – needs a big team

Set this at 20-24 lots of work to cap. Enjoyable map.


dod_causeways – OK – some small issues.

Seemed to work OK, allies capped out but there were 2 axis bots at one of the spawn exit that seemed to be guarding or stuck, it’s a waste doing that.


dod_cherbourg – GOOD – Great map good bots

Needs a lot of players, lots of routes, capping good. Set server to Max bots.


dod_claviers – OK - Good - Bots OK, map needs MG control.

5-flags with 1 2-man cap. Bit of a problem with MG’s on this map, consider a 16-20 server and removing MG. There is way too many long areas where they dominate.


dod_dijon - OK – quite good but axis are overpowering

Worked fine, Axis capped 3 times and allies close to once. 16-24 size is fine.


dod_don – OK – a stalemate fun map

It’s a small fun map so cap out are rare, bots worked OK. Set the server size to 8 on this one.


dod_flugplatz_source_b4 – Poor – too many bots defending

Needs more attack, more free movement. The bots are camping too hard, needs more run and gun flow. Set the bots to max on this one.


dod_forza_rc1 – GOOD – larger map and good caps by the bots

Consider a 24 player server – good fast flowing bots.


dod_fuhrer_bunker – OK – Bots capping

It’s a small fun map bots seem fine. Set the server size to 8 on this one.


dod_gan – GOOD – for a fun map

The last flag is nuts to get, bots work good. Set the server size to 8 on this one.


dod_hinterland_1944 – Good – fast paced bots

Set server 10 to 16, last flag cap nasty!


dod_hunt_b4 – OK – hard to cap

It’s a hard to cap out map bots are OK.


dod_ingot_b6 – Good – set bots to max number

Big map bots good at capping set the bots to max on this one.


dod_kaust – Good – Bots good and map fine

I picked the standard MG as I found no problems capping as allies. Server size 8-16 is fine.

From the readme by madmax2 –

I've included 2 versions of the waypoint this time. The first release is now the alternate waypoint (dod_kaust_alt.rcw) and is the "mg lite" version. The default waypoint (dod_kaust.rcw) is the "mg full" version. There is very little difference, they are the exact same size, but they will play very different!


dod_panic_v2 - GOOD – set bots to 24

Big map, good cap outs. 24 is a good number.


dod_peleliu_semperfi – POOR – axis camp

Allies need more pathways to the two objectives, the allies attacking on a single path and axis is waiting for them, stalemate inevitable!


dod_real_arena – OK – small, fun map

Set the server size to 8 on this one.


dod_retake_1944 – OK – medium size map

Set the server size to 16 on this one.


dod_rio_b2 – OK – but axis cap far too quick

Good fast pace bots but axis overwhelms a bit – consider 10-20 players and rob axis of MG may help even it up.


dod_rouen – GOOD – needs 24 to 32 bots

Set the server size to 24-32 on this one.


dod_s4e_clash_rc2 - GOOD – Needs lots of bots

Set 20-24 players lots of flags and the last cap hard.


dod_salerno – GOOD – great map and fast play bots

Very enjoyable, fast paced and bots do well. Server size from 8 to 20 is fine.


dod_snowbridge_explode_8 – OK – Bots good, map is tricky.

This needs a lot of players limit snipers and MG to 1 each as the map is open.

Server size to max for sure on this one.


dod_snow_map – OK – if you like open snow maps

It’s a snow map, capping on this is nuts if you don’t limit MG’s.


dod_solitude_match – GOOD – good bots good map

I’m bias… love this map but bots were no pushover. Server size is good from 8 – 20.


dod_strand_semperfi – OK – Only one issue

There may be a minor problem half way up the beach on the right side.

One bot got stuck and spammed the console…

“RCBot] kitfisto : m_pPlayerInfo = NULL; Waiting for player info...”

It fixed itself when kitfisto got killed. Bots caped out on their own.


dod_suron_map4 – OK – a few problems

Beach map, twice 4 allied bots blew up on the wire, axis need limiting of mg and sniper, bots were not using a right side attack to the only detonation cap the radio tower.


dod_tiger2008 - GOOD 


dod_tunisia – GOOD – Det map and allies capped quick

Good strong allies team on the detonation map. Consider 10-20 size server.

Note the gambanana download is not right, it delivers the wrong map dod_tunisia_RC1


dod_verdun_b3 –GOOD - bots lively.

Server size can be 8-20.


dod_wn71 – Bad – bots struggle.

Bots ignore first cap, didn’t’ cap anything the whole game.

Waypoints that come with the map no good. Use this…

Maps have errors at 17buddies and gamebanana.

Use this Russian translate the page. Use the large blue button below “Автор: МАРКИН ОЛЕГ”


dod_wn71_b1 – Bad – bots struggle as above.

Camping axis, join axis only the allied team is way too weak on this map. Difficult to waypoint?

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