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Introduction to the Version 11 Team MenuTeammenuTips

The team menu is an option I offer in all my HUD's for dods and css to help adjust items "on the fly" without the need of knowing complex command settings. It is meant for temporary adjustments and on some clicks of a button will not remember the settings permanently.

Below tells you about this menu and the commands behind the buttons, novice and experienced users can use the menu to find out what the changes do.

This custom Team Menu is made from the standard file dod/resorce/UI/teammenu.res. It holds the most custom text in any of my files and is a bit of task to do or even understand let alone all the knowledge of the commands and what will work through this file and what will not. Certain commands are not possible, lucky for dods most are, CSS menus struggle with quite a few.

Most of the menu's buttons or titles above the buttons use tooltips to show what the commands are behind that button or set of buttons. In English only, sorry but VALVe have not got that to support other languages, however in the titles of the buttons or general titles I have tried to find items in VALVe's language files to match up with what that item does.

I have also tried to make these support the sv_pure server needs, that is to customize a file and still have 100% access to the custom file no matter what the server setting is, mostly all works out OK.

The file is 100% VAC OK, it will not get you banned or kicked. If someone has set the server to kick if the teammenu.res is used, tell me about them I will correct them. There is no way this file can be used in any sort of exploit ... you would have to be quite stupid to block it or kick clients that have it.

Even the highest setting on sv_pure (2) does not worry about HUD files, nor should a server admin.

What are default settings? When using the menu you will notice a lot of green buttons, these are colored green because they are the default setting, if you can't remember what it was always click the green one! Some sections like the netcode section have more than one green button, that's because there is no true default for netcode, it depends on a user's ISP connection, however if you pressed other netcode options the three buttons take you back to what VALVe will set for the basic command set for your speed.

Will the menu remember my settings? Some buttons will and some will not, this is dependant on the game engine and your own files. If you have a autoexec.cfg or a userconfig.cfg it will default to those on very game start up. If you don't have one of those it is possible on some buttons will make a permanent change that will write to your config.cfg file, the file that remembers your preferences everyone has one of those. Those commands are marked below as...

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg) OR (Will NOT remember permanent in config.cfg).

Normal sv_pure 0
menu ver11 sv
sv_pure 2 no custom X hairs show

Crosshair Appearance (see line number 415-1674)

Why place the Crosshair controls here? I found it quicker than the main menu options selection, I adjust for the weapon I am using so I adjust a lot. You may be different. So I found it quicker to have them there, I also added some of the custom crosshairs, size, color, dynamic behaviour.

There is also another people forget about the zoom sensitivity for scoped weapons, sniper, bazooka.

Size... cl_crosshair_scale




(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Huge...     cl_crosshair_scale 32  (default)

Large...    cl_crosshair_scale 26

Medium... cl_crosshair_scale 20

Small...    cl_crosshair_scale 14

Tiny...      cl_crosshair_scale 9

Color...    cl_crosshair_red XXX; cl_crosshair_green XXX; cl_crosshair_blue XXX

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Red...      cl_crosshair_red 255; cl_crosshair_green 0; cl_crosshair_blue 0

Green...   cl_crosshair_red 0; cl_crosshair_green 255; cl_crosshair_blue 0

Lt Blue...  cl_crosshair_red 0; cl_crosshair_green 255; cl_crosshair_blue 255

Yellow...   cl_crosshair_red 255; cl_crosshair_green 255; cl_crosshair_blue 0

White...    cl_crosshair_red 255; cl_crosshair_green 255; cl_crosshair_blue 255

VALVe X-Hairs sv_pure 2 OK...  cl_crosshair_file (from left to right)

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Type 1...  cl_crosshair_file crosshair1

Type 2...  cl_crosshair_file crosshair2

Type 3...  cl_crosshair_file crosshair3

Type 4...  cl_crosshair_file crosshair4

Type 5...  cl_crosshair_file crosshair5

Type 6...  cl_crosshair_file crosshair6

Custom X-Hairs sv_pure 0... cl_crosshair_file (from left to right)

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Complex...       cl_crosshair_file Complex

Fade Rifle...     cl_crosshair_file Fade Rifle

Fade SMG...     cl_crosshair_file Fade SMG

Light X...         cl_crosshair_file Light X

MG42...           cl_crosshair_file MG42

Stubbie...        cl_crosshair_file Stubbie

Wide Cross...  cl_crosshair_file Wide Cross

zeep_cross...  cl_crosshair_file zeep_cross

zoom_sensitivity_ratio...  (Scope weapons ONLY... Your mouse movements get slower and faster while scoped)

(Will NOT remember permanent in config.cfg)

  -3...   zoom_sensitivity_ratio 0.3

  -6...   zoom_sensitivity_ratio 0.6

DEF...   zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1   (default)

   3...   zoom_sensitivity_ratio 3

   6...   zoom_sensitivity_ratio_6

cl_dynamic_crosshair...  - Turn on and off the dynamic action of the crosshairs

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

 ON...  cl_dynamic_crosshair 1 (default)

OFF...  cl_dynamic_crosshair 0

Communication (see line number 1675-2053)TeammenuComs

Microphone Volume... voice_scale - Turn off, (mute) or reduce others voice chat volume. (Good for noisy all talk servers)

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Off...    voice_scale 0

30%...  voice_scale 0.3

60%...  voice_scale 0.6

DEF...   voice_scale 1    (default and 100%)

(Will NOT remember permanent in config.cfg)

Chat Message... hud_saytext_time - Turn off, or reduce the time the chat messages display.

Off...    hud_saytext_time 0

3sec...  hud_saytext_time 3

8sec...  hud_saytext_time 8

DEF...   hud_saytext_time 12  (default and displays for 12 seconds)


Show Scores - Kills and Deaths controls (see line number 2055- 2604)TeammenuScore

Kills and Deaths display time, adjust background transparency and Icon size.

Time...  hud_deathnotice_time - Turn off, or reduce the time the Kills and Deaths display.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Off...   hud_deathnotice_time 0

0.5s... hud_deathnotice_time 0.5

4sec... hud_deathnotice_time 4

DEF...  hud_deathnotice_time 6  (default and displays for 6 seconds)

Translucent... cl_deathicon_bg_alpha - Turn off, or reduce the Kills and Deaths background transparency.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Off...    cl_deathicon_bg_alpha 0     (no background will show)

20%...  cl_deathicon_bg_alpha 0.2

60%...  cl_deathicon_bg_alpha 0.6

DEF...   cl_deathicon_bg_alpha 1   (default and is a solid background or the HUD default)

Size...  cl_deathicon_height AND cl_deathicon_width - Turn off, or reduce the Kills and Deaths Icon size.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Off...    cl_deathicon_height 0; cl_deathicon_width 0

20%...  cl_deathicon_height 9; cl_deathicon_width 25

60%...  cl_deathicon_height 12; cl_deathicon_width 38

DEF...   cl_deathicon_height 16; cl_deathicon_width 54 (default and is large)

Overview Minimap Controls (see line number 2605 - 3164)Teammenuoverview

Also see here for CVAR information

Show Names... overview_names - Show the players name on the minimap.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Disable... overview_names 0   (default)

Enable...  overview_names 1

Show Health... overview_names - Show the players Health on the minimap.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Enable...  overview_health 1   (default)

Disable... overview_health 0 

Show Tracks... overview_tracks - Show the players track on the minimap.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Enable...  overview_tracks 1   (default)

Disable... overview_tracks 0 

No Rotation... overview_locked - Lock or unlock the map rotation.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Disable... overview_locked 0   (default)

Enable...  overview_locked 1

Translucent... overview_alpha - Translucent setting for the map background.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

5%...      overview_alpha 0.05  (very see through background will show)

30%...    overview_alpha 0.3

70%...    overview_alpha 0.7

DEF...     overview_alpha 1       (default and is a 100% solid background)

Video (see line number 3165 - 3348)TeammenuVideo

(Will NOT remember permanent in config.cfg)

With the three buttons here I have selected some graphic settings to give lower spec PC's a FPS boost. Note that it is not a full set only the ones you can, "apply on the fly". There is also a default set and a ESL and DBlocker Safe, just in case a server admin has placed in some blocks to the cvars. There are many commands per press of each button, you may see the screen flicker or stall, most PC's should handle it. Expect around 20 - 60 FPS gain depending on the server settings, your PC equipment and your ISP speed.

The High FPS and low quality one does have quite a few less other people add, in tests those give little FPS increase but affected quality quite a lot, I have left those out for good reason. Please don't write to me about this unless you tested, I did and found most other peoples 1337 config's to be absolute crap.

Also don't forget, one of the highest gains for slow PC's is to turn off dynamic lighting, set in your cfg files, (mat_hdr_enabled 0) or Options, Video, Advanced.

Here are the commands for each set...

 //ESL DBlocker Safe - FASTER FPS ESL and DBlocker safe CVARS
"r_lod 2; r_staticprop_lod 3; r_3dsky 0; r_occlusion 0; r_dynamic 0; r_worldlights 0; r_lightaverage 0; r_maxdlights 0; r_PhysPropStaticLighting 0; r_decals 64; r_drawbatchdecals 0; r_drawmodeldecals 0; r_maxmodeldecal 5; r_drawflecks 0; r_renderoverlayfragment 0; r_drawdetailprops 1; r_shadowrendertotexture 0; mat_reduceparticles 1; mat_filterlightmaps 1; mat_filtertextures 1; cl_phys_props_enable 0; cl_detaildist 1200; cl_detailfade 400; rope_smooth 0; rope_rendersolid 1; props_break_max_pieces 0; func_break_max_pieces 0; cl_bob 0.002; cl_bobcycle 0.8; cl_bobup 0.5; net_graph 0 ; snd_mixahead 0.1"

"r_lod -1 ; r_staticprop_lod -1; r_3dsky 1; r_occlusion 1; r_dynamic 1; r_worldlights 4; r_lightaverage 1; r_maxdlights 32; r_PhysPropStaticLighting 1; r_decals 2048; r_drawbatchdecals 1; r_drawmodeldecals 1; r_maxmodeldecal 50; r_drawflecks 1; r_renderoverlayfragment 1; r_drawdetailprops 1; r_shadowrendertotexture 0; mat_reduceparticles 0; mat_filterlightmaps 1; mat_filtertextures 1; cl_phys_props_enable 1; cl_detaildist 1200; cl_detailfade 400; rope_smooth 1; rope_rendersolid 1; props_break_max_pieces -1; func_break_max_pieces 15"

"r_lod 2; r_staticprop_lod 3; r_3dsky 0; r_occlusion 0; r_dynamic 0; r_worldlights 0; r_lightaverage 0; r_maxdlights 0; r_PhysPropStaticLighting 0; r_decals 64; r_drawbatchdecals 0; r_drawmodeldecals 0; r_maxmodeldecal 5; r_drawflecks 0; r_renderoverlayfragment 0; r_drawdetailprops 0; r_shadowrendertotexture 1; mat_reduceparticles 1; mat_filterlightmaps 1; mat_filtertextures 1; cl_phys_props_enable 0; cl_detaildist 200; cl_detailfade 100; rope_smooth 0; rope_rendersolid 0; props_break_max_pieces 0; func_break_max_pieces 0"

net_graph (see line number 3349 - 3838)TeammenuNet graph

Also see here for more information.

cl_showfps...  - Show the green simple FPS at the top of the screen.

(Will NOT remember permanent in config.cfg)

Off...  cl_showfps 0   (default)

ON...  cl_showfps 1 

net_graph...  - Show the net graph or select type.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Off...              net_graph 0   (default)

net_graph 1... net_graph 1

net_graph 3... net_graph 3

The L < C < R ^ Buttons - net_graphheight and net_graphpos commands on each button.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

This are positional buttons for the netgraph, in height and left to right.

SourceMod (see line number 3839 - 4114)TeammenuSMod

These are client commands for the server plug-in SourceMod

The commands do not go in any VALVe config file.

You can read about these on the ScorceMod site.

The commands deal with the main mod only and not all servers have all these enabled.


Settings (see line number  4115 - 4565)TeammenuSet

Film Grain - cl_enabledeathfilmgrain   cl_enabledeatheffects 1  cl_enablespectatoreffects 1 Turns OFF and ON Film Grain effect

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Enable...     cl_enabledeathfilmgrain 1;  cl_enabledeatheffects 1; cl_enablespectatoreffects 1  (default)

Disable...    cl_enabledeathfilmgrain 0;  cl_enabledeatheffects 0; cl_enablespectatoreffects 0  (recomended)

dod_playwinmusic - Turns OFF and ON Music for a round win.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Enable...     dod_playwinmusic 1  (default)

Disable...    dod_playwinmusic 0  (recomended)

dod_playrivalrysounds - Turns OFF and ON the rival sound effect.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Enable...     dod_playrivalrysounds 1  (default)

Disable...    dod_playrivalrysounds 0  (recomended)

Spray Logo - Turn on and off Sprays.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Enable...     cl_playerspraydisable 0  (default)

Disable...    cl_playerspraydisable 1

dod_playachievementsound - Turns OFF and ON Achievement sound effect.

(Will remember permanent in config.cfg)

Enable...     dod_playachievementsound 1  (default)

Disable...    dod_playachievementsound 0  (recomended)

Spam Clan Address - a say command linked to a button

Use this button to put in your favorite server or spam message. It defaults to my website message...if they ask about my HUD, press the button...

"say Visit for a custom HUD"      Just change the message after the "say" part, find on line 5472.

Netcode (see line number 4566 - 5570)


(Will remember some commands permanent in config.cfg) Advise you also use a autoexec.cfg to store your netcode but not required.

This used to be a simple set of buttons for servers of a 33 tick, 66 tick, 100 tick server, in version 11 it is now more complex...after a lot of research.

The buttons are color coded for a reason, Green are VALVe defaults and Gold are choices favored for those that play on top servers, local LAN... competitive play rates. The only difference between gold and green is one command cl_interp ratio. Green is the default cl_interp_ratio 2 and Gold is cl_interp_ratio 1. Proper use of these may improve your hit registration (gold buttons)...IF you are on a good server, but the gold buttons may also produce jerky play.

Basic use.

1. Select a ISP speed (test using netgraph and watch for lag/jerky play)

2. Try the Gold button beside each speed if the main ones are not working for you, it adjusts cl_interp_ratio to "1"

3. Move on to the "Lerp" buttons (see Lerp note below) if you like. Watch the lerp indicator for color and choppy play.

4. You will notice two buttons for cl_smooth, these are optional. (see cl_smooth note below)

5. If you like what you have, press the report button and open the console and see a report on what you now have.


Lerp Note: you will notice your lerp indicator drops to lower amounts while using buttons 10, 15, 20 and 30 if you selected the Gold buttons as your main speed choice, (all have cl_interp_ratio 1 instead of 2). The engine recalculates this and is normal, cl_interp_ratio 1 will normally give you a lower "lerp" reading. cl_interp_ratio 2 will limit the actual amount ... use the report button function to check and you will find a 10ms choice has been limited to cl_interp 0.030000.All this means for this menu if you are wanting to get to the 15-30 ms lerp range use the "Gold" buttons for your speed choice!


clsmooth note: Some believe turning cl_smooth 0 (off) helps hit reg, I cannot see a lot of difference and prefer not to have the, (sometimes) jittery video, but like the lerp buttons between 80-40 they are there if you want them.


Why this was built and some Netcode information.

The netcode for orangebox games is often clouded with mystery and misery, incorrect values and misunderstandings are common.

Its prime task is to adjust on the fly... no more no less.

So... Netcode is a matter for each client to set the best for your connection. The ISP speed AND the server speed you connect to keep changing even after you join in some cases.

Steam has defaults that you find in your config files, Steam cloud files and even your windows registry holds the "rate" setting. You can fine tune this after you understand how they work, don't forget... someone else's rates will almost never suit you. Reading and understanding Orangebox Netcode takes a while, start with the Orangebox netgraph here. Don't use old guides, they are not the same engine and commands are not the same now.

Use this menu to do two things...

1. Find a set of commands that are the happy medium of your ISP speed and connecting to a very good and a moderate or bad server. When you are happy, press the NETCODE Report (console) button, after pressing look in the console and you have a report of the CVAR's you need to put in a autoexec.cfg and install in your game directory, (dod/cfg). See my guide as well, if you installed the game menu with scripts option in my release, you already have one! Go to dod\cfg and find it.

2. To fine tune your settings if you hit a bad server, you can select lower settings just for that server. You can also raise them.

You will notice the ISP speed buttons have two colors, these are the same as the button next to it but one command is changed cl_interp_ratio. The green ones have cl_interp_ratio 2 (default) and the Gold have cl_interp_ratio 1.

Update note: 18 Aug 2012... Valve have updated the rate command default for clents, (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM) it is now 30000. See the news item here.

The ISP speed buttons.

Fast 10M (Green)

"VERY Fast ISP, LAN and Game Server Connection. rate 50000; cl_cmdrate 66; cl_updaterate 66; cl_interp_ratio 2"

Fast 10M (Gold)

"VERY Fast ISP, LAN and Game Server Connection. rate 50000; cl_cmdrate 66; cl_updaterate 66; cl_interp_ratio 1"

Cable DSL 2M (Green)

"VERY Fast ISP, LAN and Game Server Connection. rate 30000; cl_cmdrate 66; cl_updaterate 66; cl_interp_ratio 2"

Cable DSL 2M (Gold)

"VERY Fast ISP, LAN and Game Server Connection. rate 30000; cl_cmdrate 66; cl_updaterate 66; cl_interp_ratio 1"

DSL 768k (Green)

"Fast ISP and Game Server Connection. rate 9999; cl_cmdrate 30; cl_updaterate 20; cl_interp_ratio 2"

DSL 768k (Gold)

"Fast ISP and Game Server Connection. rate 9999; cl_cmdrate 30; cl_updaterate 20; cl_interp_ratio 1"

DSL 256k (Green)

"Slow ISP and Game Server Connection. rate 7500; cl_cmdrate 30; cl_updaterate 20; cl_interp_ratio 2"

DSL 256k (Gold)

"Slow ISP and Game Server Connection. rate 7500; cl_cmdrate 30; cl_updaterate 20; cl_interp_ratio 1"

56K/ISDN (Green)

"Slow ISP and Game Server Connection. rate 5000; cl_cmdrate 30; cl_updaterate 20; cl_interp_ratio 2"   

56K/ISDN (Gold)

"Slow ISP and Game Server Connection. rate 5000; cl_cmdrate 30; cl_updaterate 20; cl_interp_ratio 1"   

The "lerp" buttons 0 - 100.

The next set of smaller buttons numbered 0 - 100 are for "lerp" or cl_interp, fine tuning. Look at the netgraph, the lerp part. Default is 100ms, these adjust that down to 0, this lower end is where you may get some jerky play...or you find you hit registration has improved.

Some believe the 0 setting cl_interp 0, is the only setting you need... listen to them sure but remember that these guys always seem to have Fiber connections, play on a server close to them or on LAN's.

I have needed up to cl_interp 100 lots of times in dods because of bad servers. The ones most people playing on pubs will use are 0, (rarely in a pub) 15, 30 and the default 100. Some of the "best rates" people put up are a "theoretically best set", when you try them you find your screen is that jerky that your true game experience is terrible.

The Lerp indicator, it is OK for a guide but I still trust my gameplay for how well my rates are a set.

Here is a guide to colors of the lerp indicator, as a general guide only...

Yellow =   Considered bad and associated with jerky play and hit reg could be off

Orange = OK for hit reg but could be associated with jerky pay

White =   OK and smooth but you may find hit registration is off

It is dependant on too many things to set hard and fast rules here, if you find you are playing OK while the lerp is yellow...well, leave it then, just use the buttons to see if you can find a group of settings that you find work OK.

The cl_smooth buttons.

These may help some players aim if set to "0" but I would not use on bad servers. When set to the default 1 it smooths client-side prediction errors for your view. On the non default 0 setting it shows the actual movement and that can get jerky, jittery may be a better word. Anyway it will not look smooth on a bad server and may piss you off a little. No issue, press the green button cl_smooth 1 then and enable the engine to smooth your video view :)

Report Button.

Reports to console your current choice of...

rate,  cl_cmdrate, cl_updaterate,  cl_interp_ratio, cl_interp and cl_smooth.


A word of warning... don't listen to others when they say "use these settings". Read the "How the various networking ConVars work" section on this page, use the menu and make up your own mind.

One page that also has some advice is the tips section of the Source Multiplayer Networking page on VALVe's wiki.

Tips from VALVe...

  • Don't change console settings unless you are 100% sure what you are doing. Most "high-performance" setting cause exactly the opposite effect, if the server or network can't handle the load.
  • Don't turn off view interpolation and/or lag compensation. It will not improve movement or shooting precision.
  • Optimized setting for one client may not work for other clients.Do not just use settings from other clients without verifying them for your system.
  • If you follow a player in "First-Person" as a spectator in a game or SourceTV, you don't exactly see what the player sees. Spectators see the game world without lag compensation.


And for gods sake test! Believe your own eyes not someone else's opinion... even mine :)

Updates since first release.

I have now adjusted a few settings after the first release to get more range for slower servers, cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate did have a top of 100. 100 was there because there are still 100 tick server mods for the 66 tick max' for vanilla orangebox ... these are rare and not many people will use 100 now so it is gone.

By the way, it does not hurt to have more, a unmodified orangebox server will clamp to 66 anyway ... so what's all the fuss! Its the same with "rate" by the way, the server config will clamp it .... does not harm to have more... IF you are shooting for max' speed connection! But try telling that to the Counter-Strike Source community, I guess TF2 and DoD:S have had this longer and CSS are still living in pre July 2010 netcode.

I will leave you with this question. Ponder this and think very hard about it.

Someone shows you a set of rates "used by a pro" and says... "These are the ultimate rates, everyone use these". You need to question a statement like that...

1. The rates posted are for the highest grade server more than likely on a local LAN at a $20,000 competition event.

2. The PC it is running on is more than likely 4 times the PC you are reading from now, no antivirus running, services turned off to minimum.

3. There are probably only 12 players connected to the server.

So how can your piss weak 2 year old PC with anti-virus, sitting on a slow DSL line with little bro' downloading gay porn, connected to a budget 20c a slot clan server halfway across the world with 32 players on it running all kinds of plug-ins and shitty server settings... have the same power and bandwidth to process all the information required to ensure your "hit reg" is always at optimum levels "like the pro uses" ?

Sorry, it can't, you need to adjust for shitty servers sometimes, there are no magic rates that work for all setups at all times.

Ask a pro what rates they use at the LAN comp'. Then ask what they use on pub server.

I liked J3di's 2010 article here where he talks about rates, answers a lot of questions and if you search all of what he says, find the post around 3/4 of the way down...

Lets make clear what was said:
" To get set up for a competitive game of CSS I recommend playing with at least 100fps, do not cap your fps!
Then use the following cvar settings (leave all other net cvars at defaults):
rate 30000 // More than enough
cl_cmdrate 66
cl_updaterate 66
cl_interp_ratio 1
cl_interp 0
cl_smooth 0 "
So if you are a competitive gamer then those are the settings you would want to use.
Notice I did not say "cl_interp 0 was best".
The article:
"the indicator will turn orange if the user or server has tuned the ConVars such that the interpolation amount is less than 2 / updaterate. This indicates that if there is any packet loss (or possibly choke if the choke is occurring for long periods of time due to large packets being sent over a low bandwidth rate setting) that the player will likely see sluggishness in the game."
So with my settings it turns orange, ok. IF THERE IS ANY PACKET LOSS (...huge choke) THAT PLAYER WILL LIKELY SEE SLUGGISHNESS.
If you are a competitive gamer you want the best reaction time (yet keeping position) accuracy over a little 'sluggish' animations. These settings give you that.

Then later he said...

You want an online server with good routing and what can manage an fps above the tickrate.
LAN is usually very good since if no one's abusing the connection you will likely get next to no packet loss and a low latency.

Also, around 70% of the way down the page one person asks a very good question...
(question Jehan)"..If using cl_interp 0 results in a yellow indicator, then isn't that bad?"
(answer J3di) "Well I think you should probably change server?
It should be orange like a box."

Makes perfect sense to me. Sometimes you need to adjust cl_interp "lerp". My menu can set your basic speed first and adjust lerp from 10 ms - 100 ms. Those that say my menu does not work... test it before you fault it, don't quote some nitwit's great config from 2006, the netcode changed in July 2010, anything written before that is now too old.

Map Information (see line number 55 - 103)TeammenuMapInfo

This area is the standard dods map info, it is a large area and if you want the space you can disable the whole area.

Just place in "0" in "enabled" and "visible" all the sections that show this...




Adjusting or adding your own button The menu can be adjusted easily via a text editor. I would advise using NotePad++, the sections above mention line numbers, if you are editing the menus each section will have a guide to the where to fine the lines of code.

hud_saytext_time 12

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