Customize the DoD:s Scoreboard

How to Customize the DoD:s Scoreboard.

NOTE October 2009: Some items need an update, not all is correct below in the size and position section, the scorboard is very hard to adjust in Orangebox games, it seems hard coded in and dods now shares files with TF2, it may be possible to adjust more items than just the colors, so far I have had no luck doing what I used to on the old engine's files.

There are two files to adjust here. ScoreBoard.res and ClientScheme.res.


Size and Position.


The first is ScoreBoard.res found in the dod/resource/UI/ folder.

It holds information of the physical size and positions of the scoreboard and the two items in it...

"scores" ... The position and size of the scoreboard panel. Adjust “x” “y” “tall” and “wide”.

"ServerName" ... The position of the text for displaying what server you are on. You can also change the font color by changing these two "dulltext" "0" "brighttext" "1".

They refer back to the ClientScheme.res file and choices are yellow ("dulltext") and white ("brighttext"). They are Label.TextDullColor "dulltext" and Label.TextBrightColor"brighttext".

Note: Don't change these entries in the ClientScheme.res file... unless you want a lot of other text in other places that same color!

"PlayerList" ... The adjustments and positions of the items in both teams, the “wide” and “tall” sizes should follow the “wide” and “tall” in "scores". Another adjustment is "linespacing".



Colors in the Scoreboard.


The next file is ClientScheme.res in the dod/resource folder.


Go to line 171 and look at this group....


SectionedListPanel.HeaderTextColor "Orange"

SectionedListPanel.HeaderBgColor "Blank"

SectionedListPanel.DividerColor "Black"

SectionedListPanel.TextColor "Orange"

SectionedListPanel.BrightTextColor "Orange"

SectionedListPanel.BgColor "TransparentLightBlack"

SectionedListPanel.SelectedTextColor "Black"

SectionedListPanel.SelectedBgColor "Red"

SectionedListPanel.OutOfFocusSelectedTextColor "Black"

SectionedListPanel.OutOfFocusSelectedBgColor "255 255 255 32"


The Background.


Let’s look at the background first. Line 181...

SectionedListPanel.BgColor "TransparentLightBlack"

The color "TransparentLightBlack" is mentioned in the "Colors" "base colors" section Line 29. It is "0 0 0 150" a RGBA color space color.

NOTE: It can be changed to whatever you like there... ("base colors" line 29) or on Line 181. If you change any colors in the "Colors" section you may change colors somewhere else in the HUD, far better to change it on line 181 only.

Most players say the standard black is too light, so change it to a darker black between "0 0 0 200" ... to ... "0 0 0 230".

Remember that "0 0 0 255" is a solid 'can’t see through it" black. "0 0 0 30" is very light and "0 0 0 255" is solid.

It does not have to be black, read this page on selecting colors in this file.


Other colors in this section....


SectionedListPanel.HeaderTextColor "Orange"...This color is the text headings at the top of the file... Class Status Objectives Kills Deaths Ping

SectionedListPanel.DividerColor "Black" ... The scoreboard line color below... Class Status Objectives Kills Deaths Ping

SectionedListPanel.OutOfFocusSelectedBgColor "255 255 255 32" ... This is the color that Highlights YOUR name on the scoreboard.

If you change it, keep this color with a light setting for transparency (the last set of numbers)... say “_ _ _ 30” to “_ _ _ 60” depending on what color you pick.


The Team colors problem.

You can not change the Team Colors... well I have not found out how yet via a .res file. It may not be possible, still looking why. The answer is more than likely in the game.dll file.

You can however manipulate the text by highlighting them. But... it will affect ALL team colored chat text names!

The font used here is "ChatFont" see Line 890. You can add "additive" "1" under "dropshadow" "1"

This will stop the black outline and ‘wash” the text with white... both teams end up a pastel color and show up better in some places on some maps.

It’s the only adjustment to the chat color I know of and it has problems with some users color settings as it takes that color to washed out. Some will benefit from it ... some will not.

More on this will be added as I explore the subject further.

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