DoD:s Teamselect type Menu

Note: Not complete!!!~ Work in progress as of August 2006.


Team Menu Command Menu.

This is a replacement for the old command menu.

In CS:S and DoD:S VALVe have dropped support forthe old commandmenu.txt file and the editable format it used. This is frustrating for some as once you learned how to edit the commandmenu.txt file you could customize a pop-up screen and put in a lot of convenient commands that worked off a single key/mouse clickable button.

There are three solutions open to players wanting to have Customized commands...

1. Binds .... Easy, quick to set up and use... but no visual confirmation.

2. An "echo" type command menu... bloody hard to assemble!
This is also harder to use and up to 3 key presses to the
final command. Check this out.

3. Try to manipulate the team menu screen... (Teammenu.res file)
Easy once you learn how and more like the old one key/mouse click
command menu of old.


INsane's Teammenu.res Command Menus.

After using all three the third solution is most suited to people who need to make a menu for themselves or others that has a visual on-screen button clearly labeled to the command required.

All that is required is a short learning curve on how to edit a .res file used in Half Life 2 VGUI's :)

If you have used some of my DoD:S HUD Tutorial pages the learning curve is about ... zero.

Want to make a menu for DoD:S or CS:S?

Our target file to edit is the Teammenu.res file found in....
DOD:S... dod\resource\UI folder.
CS:S..... cstrike\resource\ui folder.

Now this is where I can help make it easy if you like... I have templates ready for you to build on.

Most of the moving around, deleting, shrinking stuff has been done.

One for CS:S and two for DoD:S. DOD:S...


CS:S... One version only and it is a template ready to edit. Download here.

You can try the blue version too. (see the Picture on the right).

OK... you have the file, this is all you will need,
the format used here is the same used in the HUD/Main Menu files.

If you go to this page, and scroll down to the "A neat trick to save time" section, you will be able to change the positions in-game and see the results in seconds.

Also, for DoD:S, to speed up editing, use this dod map it loads
very quickly and does not use a lot much of your PC's resources.

Turn off antivirus and other memory/system intensive services,
use the smaller resolutions and test in the higher ones when
you have a few things done.

The VGUI Build Mode editor may be used also but if you don't know how to use it, getting a result can be hard. When you save your file it will make it look like crap! Just paste it in Word, copy it and paste it back in the file that the tool made.
Better to stick with the above method to start with... but have a crack at this tool if you feel adventurous :)
Lets open the file and look at the sections in it. At the top you will see the normal titles and buttons that I have repositioned to shrink a lot of the items to make room for our titles and buttons.

Lets go nuts... time to edit in Notepad!

The three sections below are where you can start to customize this menu.
These are from my DoS:S version 2 file.

The first section is the large text title I gave my menu "Command MENU". You can change that to include your name, clan... whatever :) Example.... "labelText" "Clan -=RAT=- Command Menu"

The second section is the label for the left column of buttons. Again, edit the text to what you need, change the position to suit.

The Third section is the first button in the left column. In this case I have the wtf voice command in there as a place holder. You can place a single command in there or even a long complex string of commands with waits an alias to a script in your userconfig.cfg or other .cfg file.

Basically anything you can do in a userconfig.cfg file you will be able to place in the "Command" line brackets.

Here is a guide of what each line in the text does, some are not explained because they are repeated or do not require any alterations to make the menu work...

"ControlName" "Label" .................... What this section does, a label.
"fieldName" "usercontrols" ... The sections name. Don't use the same name twice.
"font" "DefaultLarge" ... Font used. Use the ones in your ClientScheme.res.
"xpos" "210" ...Adjusting this will move left and right. (0 = most left)
"ypos" "90" ...Adjusting this will move up and down. (0 = Highest/Top)
"wide" "150" ...Makes it wider/narrower.
"tall" "26" ...Makes it taller/smaller.
"autoResize" "0"
"pinCorner" "0"
"visible" "1" ..."0" makes it not visable.
"enabled" "1" ..."0" makes it disabled.
"labelText" "Command MENU" ... Place the text you see on the screen for the label.
"textAlignment" "west" ...The text will start from the left.
"dulltext" "0"
"brighttext" "0"
"Column A Title"
"ControlName" "Label"
"fieldName" "Column A Title"
"font" "ClassMenuDefault"
"xpos" "60"
"ypos" "93"
"wide" "100"
"tall" "26"
"autoResize" "0"
"pinCorner" "0"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"labelText" "Column A Title" ... Place the text you see on the screen for the label.
"textAlignment" "west"
"dulltext" "0"
"brighttext" "0"
"Sample Button A 1"
"ControlName" "Button"
"fieldName" "Sample Button A 1"
"xpos" "50"
"ypos" "120"
"wide" "100"
"tall" "15"
"autoResize" "0"
"pinCorner" "0"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"tabPosition" "0"
"labelText" "Sample Button A 1" ... The text you see on the screen for the button.
"textAlignment" "centre"
"dulltext" "0"
"brighttext" "0"
"font" "DefaultVerySmall" ... Font used. Use the ones in your ClientScheme.res.
"wrap" "0"
"Command" "voice_wtf" ... The place you can put a command/s or alias.
"Default" "0"
"selected" "0"

It looks like a lot, but in fact when you use the template it may only be a matter of renaming the label or button and placing the command in the appropriate lines... easy huh :)

You can rename the section and the "fieldName" if you want ... but it's not necessary, it will work ok if every section has a unique name.

So that's it. The rest is up to you. Change the layout, edit the font types, sizes, colors. Use smaller buttons, larger cut corners or rectangular.

You can even add a clan image to it. This will mean another small section of text and a custom made .VTF file...

"My 1337 clan icon image"
"ControlName" "ImagePanel"
"fieldName" "My 1337 clan icon image"
"xpos" "170"
"ypos" "85"
"zpos" "1"
"wide" "32"
"tall" "32"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"image" "../VGUI/clan_rat"
"scaleImage" "1"

Look at the line.... "image" "../VGUI/clan_rat"

This will place an image called "clan_rat.VTF" that you have made, (along with a VMT file) in the dod\materials\vgui folder. You can of course adjust it's size and position in this section as well.

You need a little help with making a VTF/VMT file? See This page.



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