Images can be a pain to get, here you will find the PSD files along with some graphic files that may help you customize. If you have some images such as PSD's other can use... why not share them? Contact me and I will post them up here.

Please give the Author credit when you use these and find them helpful. (excludes INsane's images you may use my images anywhere)

DO NOT USE THESE FOR COMMERCIAL USE... they are for game and web customization and not to be resold in any form.

If you want to use these for games other than VALVe games check with the author. (excludes INsane's images you may use my images anywhere)

PSD files. Photoshop, Paint.Net, Gimp.
Image/collection name and download
Author Used for what game?
Permission required for use?
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INsanes_PSDs_obj_icons_set_1 Description: PSD files for Objective icons, this set is has embossed type icons (over the image) so you can add your own flag and place the smaller icons over the background.
INsane Day of Defeat:Source and other WW2 Mods Free to use anywhere INsanes_PSDs_obj_icons_1

INsanes_PSDs Custom flags wartorn and clean master Description: This is one big PSD that has a lot of layers. Use it to make a custom Flag. The layers can be turned on and off to have a dirty/torn or clean flag.Just copy one of the flag layers, rename it, then place your new image over it... taking care to keep it within the area for the flag, then apply a cloth texture effect. That's it, you have your own custom flag. Don't forget to make a VMT properly if you have holes (alpha layer) because the standard VMT files do not have that set...

"$basetexture" "MODELS\MAPMODELS\FLAGS\alliedflag"
"$nocull" "1"
"$translucent" "1"

INsane Day of Defeat:Source and other WW2 Mods Free to use anywhere Master_PSD_allflags
INsanes_PSDs British Masters all types These are a collection of images used in my Metal HUD British add-on lots of small images for various parts of the HUD.
INsane Day of Defeat:Source and other WW2 Mods Free to use anywhere British_all-types
INsanes_PSDs Achievements for brit, US, German. DoD:S uses small images in the Achievements screen, with this one file you can add a custom background to suit yourself. Could also be used to build a custom TF2 Achievements set of images. I kept the image size down to 64x64. To make a high res' set you should consider doubling this size. INsane Day of Defeat:Source and other WW2 Mods Free to use anywhere achievements_US_brit_axis
INsanes PSD Player ID icons These are for the old type of player ID icons, you should be able to use these to make a custom set to place over the new types, see the INsanes PSDs British Masters for the new Player ID icons.
INsane Day of Defeat:Source and other WW2 Mods Free to use anywhere INsanes_PSDs_player_id_icons
Wile E Coyote complete player model PSD files From the Authors site.... well here it is.... The culmination of a couple years' work crammed into a few PSD files (Photoshop, Gimp) that I have decided to release to the public.

What can I do with these PSD files you speak of Wile?

Simple. You can literally exactly re-create any one of the allied skins I've ever made, or you can swap stuff around as you like, add to it, take away whatever your little heart desires, with NO PICTURE QUALITY LOSS whatsoever. Why? Because these files have never been compressed into VTF format - you are not trying to rip them from a VTF file. these are the original files.

Plus you have matching files. Anything your little mind can come up with for a skin, there is an exact matching combination you can make with a normal map and with an alpha map.

If you want to use parts of this in your own skins, go ahead. If you simply want to make your own versions for your clans - knock yourself out. About the only stipulation to this... and it's an EASY one to follow..... is don't be a poser. If you use other's stuff, give credit where credit is due. For example, the "airborne" layer in the 'body' PSD is originally cruzaderazn. See? I gave him credit. It's that simple. The rest is done by me.
A picture with all the different uniform types and faces click on the pic for a bigger view

I've skinned about everything I can think of for DOD:S. Until they come out with a major update, or a brand-new game, I'm running on stand-by.
Wile E Coyote Day of Defeat:Source Read Authors notes




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