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Install RCBot2 DoDs 

IMPORTANT - Updated 30 June 2019. The package now has waypoint support for 84 maps. 9 Valve maps and 75 custom maps.

Note this only installs the bot and the support files for the maps (waypoints) please also click here and download the large 75 custom map download for RCBot2 supported maps.

Make sure you read the "README FOR INSTALL.pdf" in the download for a step by step install guide if you are new to this game.


This is the same package as the manual install provided by RCBot2.
The bots are made by Cheeseh -

This will install all the files required to play Day of Defeat Source in a Singleplayer mode.

I have made this for the people who will not...or cannot do the complicated set up for these bots.
It is complicated... see here if you prefer a 24 step 30 minute manual install :)....

There will be a shortcut installed on your desktop, do not delete it.
It contains the launch options required to run the bots.
That command is "-insecure" you must run that to start the bots.
I have also included "-novid" so it knocks out the annoying VALVe video intro.

There is a folder with lots of info about the bots, you should read it...or not.


To install.
1. Double click on the application "Setup Day of Defeat Source RCBot2"
2. The application needs to find the steam folder

64 Bit - C:Program Files (x86)Steam
32 Bit - C:Program FilesSteam

If it does not browse to your Steam folder NOT the dod folder.
The files will install.

To play.
1. Click on the "Day of Defeat Source RCBot2" desktop icon
2. Select a map, run it and the bots will start.

To uninstall.
Find "uninst Day of Defeat Source RCBot2.exe" in your Steam folder
The Windows 10 Apps&Features entry "Day of Defeat Source RCBot2 0.72" to uninstall.



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