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Mini map commands

I had to research these recently when I made my Teamselect menu for DoD:S.minimap

I was surprised by the amount of things you can do with the mini map :)

I was equally surprised by some of the problems the mini map has like the names of your teammates... not all showed up, then they would.

Another name you see when looking around at Mini Map stuff is “overview”. Well that's what a mini map is after all, it’s an overview of the map!

But enough of that, here is what I found in the CVAR list.


overview_alpha 1.0 (default) Adjusts Overview map (minimap) translucency.

Range... is from “0” the minimap is gone... invisible, you can still see all the other stuff like flag icons Teammates and such and a light Transparent black background. It’s just the map that fades.

Setting this to “1” will have no Transparency at all. So in between “0” and “1” you can fade it to what you need. I had to decide on 3 levels for my Menu so I picked...

Low......... overview_alpha 0.05

Medium... overview_alpha 0.5

High........ overview_alpha 1

And of course overview_alpha 0 is off.


overview_locked 0 (default) This turns on and off the ability of the map to spin when you turn or stay locked.

Range... This just has an on/off... "1" = ON (map does not spin) "0"= OFF (map spins).


overview_tracks 0 (default) This turns on and off the tracks of your teammates as they wander around the map. Looks a bit annoying to me, but... who am I to judge.

Range.... This just has an on/off... "1" = ON "0"= OFF.


overview_names 0 (default) This turns on and off the names under your teammates icon.

Range.... This just has an on/off... "1" = ON "0"= OFF.


overview_health 0 (default) This shows your teammates health under their icon.

Range.... This just has an on/off... "1" = ON "0"= OFF.


dod_overview_voice_icon_size 64 (default) Size of the speaker icon inside the minimap when they speak.


overview_mode 0 (default) This turns on and off the minimap.

Range.... This just has an on/off... "1" = ON "0"= OFF.
Usually bound to the "m" key.


overview_togglezoom This zooms in the map and has 3 levels of zoom.

Usually bound to the "l" key.


overview_zoom Sets overview map zoom. But this is handled via the command above and in the HudAnimations.txt file in the dod/scripts folder. If you want to nail down a certain size then...

overview_zoom 9 ... the maximum size.

overview_zoom 4.5 ... the medium size.

overview_zoom 1 ... the smallest size. Anything below 1 and the whole map starts to shrink!


+overview_largemap Bind this to a key, (a mouse button is better if you can) and what you get is when the key/button is pressed, the map comes up in it's largest size, even if the map is off the big overview will still come up.

When you let go of the key/button it immediately disapears back to it's previous state, be that off, or small.

Like I said, one of the mouse buttons is best like... bind "MOUSE4" "+overview_largemap"


More on Minimaps...

The Valve Developer Community Wiki has a page on making an overview (minmap) in half life 2 Mods.

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