DoD:S Streampipe files


 The SteamPipe files for Day of Defeat: Source

The SteamPipe update will move your files and folders to a different location, if you have a lot of custom files you will have to move some files and folders.
Your "day of defeat source" folder will move from your account folder to the common folder.

Custom files need to be in a different place now.

The structure is still around the same but there are some significant changes caused by the removal of the GCF files to the new VPK packages.
You will see the VPK files under the dod folder, also note the "download" and "custom" folders, knowing about those is now very important, that is where all your custom files go now!

In the past we installed things like custom maps into the folder "dod\maps", not anymore.

You now need to install in dod\custom\My Map Folder Name\maps.
Note: My Map Folder Name can be any name you like.

So when the update need to move maps, models, HUD's, sounds!

To help I have what a standard structure looks like and if your custom stuff no longer works, it may be because all or parts of it are still in the wrong place.

If something does not work:

Check this image of the standard folder/files just after a fresh download.

When you run the game you will also get a materials\vgui\logos\ folder with a spray in it. The file system in the image below does not have materials\vgui\logos folder.

So if anything else is there it is more than like likely your old custom items that is not working and now needs to be moved...

Got a lot of custom files?
Call in a airstrike and start again....with a back up of course.
If you have a huge amount of files you can't afford to loose, another option is to wipe out your old folder and get a clean install? Not everyone needs to do this, but if you want...

1. Back up your dod folder. Move it out of "Day of Defeat Source" folder or give it another name... dod_backup.
2. Go to the Steam Library, right click on the Day of Defeat Source link and select "Properties".
4. It will get to 100% and tell you it needs to download about 66 files, press close.
5. Around 520MB will be downloaded and you have a fresh "dod" folder and all files.

Introducing the new "custom" folder:

A very important folder, your custom files go in there.
It will be best if you make a new folder in "dod\custom" call it anything you like... "my custom files".
Treat that folder as a "dod" folder and move all your custom folders and files in there, you will of course have to make the sub folders too...

dod\custom\my custom files...

Introducing another new folder "download"
This folder will hold maps, sounds, models and materials downloaded from a game server. Unlike the "custom" folder it does not need another folder made, the files folders that used to go under "dod" can go directly in this folder.

This is great, the "quake" sounds and other "junk" you download sometimes will be real easy to spot now.

Hunting down old custom files in the new SteamPipe directory.

Config files:
Traditionally we placed config files like autoexec.cfg in dod\cfg, you can still do that.
You can also place your autoexec.cfg file in the dod\custom\my custom files\cfg folder.

I did a test, two autoexec.cfg files one in dod\cfg and another in dod\custom\my custom files\cfg. Both had a command "dod_playwinmusic" one set to "1" (on) the other "0" (off)
The one in the custom folder was the one the game used in preference. Both locations worked but the custom folder has the last say. You could have two autoexec.cfg files if you wanted.

To get custom maps working again you have to move the mapname.bsp, mapname.ent and mapname.res files in "maps"... and any other custom map files in the resource, materials, models and sound folders.

Some maps do have files outside the .bsp, models, particles, sounds, .res files... just look out for that.

If something is missing it may report that in the console but normally all you will have to do is place all the custom maps in dod\custom\my custom files\maps.

Do not move the VALVe files in dod/maps....
graphs (folder)

This one is easy. In your old sound folder you may have custom sounds.
In the SteamPipe dod\sounds there should be one file "sound.cache", (if you ran the game) just move everything else to dod\custom\my custom files\sound

If you have to pick out the files it is much harder. Common files used in a HUD can be many...

HUD - cfg folder... look for autoexec.cfg use the image above, some authors alter .scr files, but they should get knocked out with the update. You would have to get the .scr file from the original download if you wanted it back.

HUD - materials folder... You may have a subfolders here. "materials\mapdesc" folder with a "vgui\logos" folder if you ran the game. Leave them there, it is your sprays and VALVe map description files, see the materials section at the bottom of this page.

All other folders, move to the dod\custom\my custom files\materials folder, make sure you look in the "vgui" folder, leave the "logos" folder but move everything else.

HUD - resource folder... This is the base of any HUD, move the UI folder to dod\custom\my custom files\resource.
For others using the picture above move any file that is not in that picture to the resource folder ... dod\custom\my custom files\resource.
In my HUD's there are may files in the resource folder, in other HUD's commonly there is only a Clentscheme.res, perhaps a special font file, Gamemenu.res and possibly a SourceScheme.res and a ChatScheme.res.

HUD - scripts folder... As you can see in the image above there is no scripts folder, if you have a custom HUD you will have one. It is safe to move the whole scripts folder out of the dod folders and place it in dod\custom\my custom files

This one is easy, the standard dod folder does not have a "models" folder. If you have one then that is your custom models! just move it to dod\custom\my custom files.
As you may know models use materials folders... you need to move them too, see below.

There is not much in the standard materials folder, it is safe to move most sub folders, (but two, see below).

For other folders and files outside those two below, move all to dod\custom\my custom files.

The two below can contain VALVe files so take care...

....Do not move. Leave this alone they are images for map descriptions.

materials\VGUI ..........Pick through this. This can contain HUD files like custom crosshairs, team and class menu icons!

1. Copy all to dod\custom\my custom files, delete only the "logos" folder, (that holds your sprays).
2. Now go back to dod\materials\vgui ... delete all but leave the logos folder there.

RCBot2 (the only bot for DoD:s) :
The bot system developed by cheeseh was working before the update. cheeseh is currently working on a fix for the new directory structure.
DoD:s has got it's own forum for this, please go there for progress.


If you have questions please post below.






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