Modifying the CSS HUD - Step 5

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The Weapon Selection icons panels 

The HudHistoryResource items (pick up items)

Pick up bug.

The Defuse Bar

The Weapon Selection icon panels located at the top of the screen are in the clientscheme.res under "// weapon selection colors" around line 212.

 weapon selection_scheme   

We have a blue HUD lets make those items blue... or whatever you like. First we need to find out what each one does. 

"SelectionNumberFg" .......... is the number in the top left of each panel.

"SelectionTextFg" ............... is the text title of the weapon at the bottom.

"SelectionEmptyBoxBg" ...... is the background of the weapon boxes, the type you have not got yet, like C4 (slot 5) 

"SelectionBoxBg" ............... is the background of the weapon boxes, the one that do have weapons in that slot, but NOT selected.

"SelectionSelectedBoxBg" ... is the background of the weapon boxes, the one that do have weapons in that slot, and ARE selected.

The icon is different, normally people just alter the "Orange" or "OrangeDim" an make everything blue, we are separating things so here we go again making a custom color in the color section.

Go to the clientscheme.res color section and add a new color, "Weapon_select_icon"        "30 144 255 255"   // DodgerBlue

Next open hudanimations.txt go to line 56 and change "FgColor" with  "Weapon_select_icon"

Here is a messy guide to visualize where all that stuff is...

weapon select_items


The HudHistoryResource items (pick up items). These are the items that pop up on the right side when you purchase or pick them up.

To recolor the icons separately this is one of those times you have to get some lines from other files in a older separate GCF file. multiplayer ob binaries.gcf.  Since we are now in SteamPipe I have the lines below !

They were in the multiplayer ob binaries.gcf extract or open the resource/ClientScheme.res and you will find a section at lines 47 to 50.

Those lines can be moved into our local game folder cstrike\custom\tut_hud\resource\clientscheme.res no problem and we can adjust them.

        // HL1-style HUD colors
        "Yellowish"            "255 160 0 255"
        "Normal"            "255 208 64 255"
        "Caution"            "255 48 0 255"

Place them under the // weapon selection colors section...

pickup edits

For the weapon selection icons change "Normal" to a color you want, I made a separate color for this...cause I can, you don't have to, again, separate and adding in the colors section opens up color options if you change the design.

So, I made a new color called... "Weapon_Pick_Up"    "30 144 255 255"   // DodgerBlue

Then changed the color "Normal" (now on line 223) to... "Normal"   "Weapon_Pick_Up"

Save, run the game.

 all icons_whole_hud_blue

While things may look finished there, just one more thing related to the lines we just added.

There is a bug I have not been able to sort out yet.

Sometimes when you drop a weapon and pick it up ...a bright Orange shows. It's rare and you don't see that often. To see this press "G", (or your key that drops items) while looking straight down so the weapon is picked up quickly again automatically, repeat that rapidly and...

all icons_whole_hud_error

Leave the other two "Caution" and "Yellowish", they will not harm anything and you never know, they could get used in a future update!


The Defuse Bar. We can also make the defuse bar Blue. I will use the same blue but again I will have a special name in the colors section of clientscheme.res... 

"Defuse_Bar"   "30 144 255 255"   // DodgerBlue.

Next, go down the file and find "ProgressBar.FgColor" around line 133, change the color to "Defuse_Bar".

defuse bar_edit

Run the game and test it out!


That rounds up the recolor section now. We have taken the stock HUD files not only to a new color but we also rearranged it so you have many more color options for a plain scheme based on Blue, Yellow and Red warnings. 

But these can be changed, you could introduce a nice blue/gray on the weapon selection icons and pick up icons, up to you!


How about some fonts? Font size, font types and how to get them in.

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