Modifying the CSS HUD - Step 3

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For those that DO like the backgounds. This covers those that like the new look HUD

For those that DO NOT like the backgounds. This is for the player that like the old look and no backgrounds on Hudnumbers/icons 

For those that like the backgounds you dont have to read the next bit. It shows how to remove the backgrounds and how that makes the icon fonts fail. You can ship this and go to the next step... Modifying the CSS HUD - Step 4 where we will explore the flash icons and I can show you how to clean up that budget number fade problem. It may be of interest as it shows a little about the Font adjustments and how the slightest setting can make a huge difference, if you are in a hurry, skip it.

For those that choose no backgrounds you are going to need a darker blue, fool around with the "HUD_Icon_normal" color on line 19 of the ClientScheme.res until you are happy, I picked full, solid blue "0 0 255 255". Then go to hudlayout.res in the cstrike\custom\tut_hud\scripts folder, find all "bgcolor_override" "0 0 0 96" entries in the...

HudHealth, HudArmor, HudRoundTimer, HudAmmo, HudAccount

...and place "//" in front of the "bgcolor_override" "0 0 0 96" line to "comment out" the line, this action disables the line and the backgrounds will not show. Run the game, you will notice the color is now very dull and see through.

The reason for this is the font. VALVe VGUI2 font can be manipulated in various ways, how bold they are, the font family, the size of the font, the size at a certain screen height, a shadow around the text, under it. Also it can add a white wash out and make the text or icons a pastel look. We can fix that, I have a before and after preview...

test hud_numbers_noback

In this case they have set the hudnumbers with "additive" "1" that means they will wash out to a pastel adding some white and weakening the color. It's OK if you have a background or in a dark area, disaster if not. To fix this go to the Hudnumbers in the Fonts section of the ClientScheme.res, around line 1089. Find both, (there are 2) "additive" "1" and set it at "0".


Now you may have noticed in the last HUD picture the icons were OK in the "After" shot, you will also notice not all is well, the icons and small numbers are still affected...

test hud_numbers_noback

There are other fonts for those and VALVe has the additive switched on or "1" for them too. They are just above Hudnumbers... IconsSmall, Icons, for Health, Armor, Timer, Ammo, Budget, Shopping cart, hostages, defuse kit and C4 icons.

Unfortunately also the kills and deaths have the small ammo icons and that font is CSTypeDeath, that means setting that will make your ammo more visible but will also do the same for kills and deaths icons! So adjust...

CSTypeDeath, IconsSmall, Icons and set all the "additive" values to "0" (OFF). 

You may also decide that the solid full blue is too much, go back and try the DodgerBlue again or another color on this chart. You will still need to darken or adjust Transparency to make it more readable if you don't have backgrounds.

Fool around with the transparency (the last 3 digit setting- "0" is invisible, 255 you cannot see through and is solid.) You will now have a no background, readable HUD.


As you can see working on a HUD or GUI is a matter of jumping around from file to file and changing one thing can affect another, like the small icons and the Death icons being linked together, quite bad that VALVe did things like this. You will also note the line between the ammo count is still affected by the additive problem. I have never found a solution to that in the cstrike folder or any res and txt file, it's one of those things that can't be changed, more than likely set in the client.dll and only VALVe can change it.


Lets move on to the flash colors of those Icons and a option for the Budget + - amounts in the next section.

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