Modifying the CSS HUD - Step 2

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clientscheme.res.... For Budget, Ammo, Timer and Armor

hudanimations.txt.... For Health... and what happened to the Budget color!


clientscheme.res  (Location is... cstrike\custom\tut_hud\resource)

Open the file, you can see the "Colors" section close to the top. It is a good idea to add a color and give it a name.

But wait... look at the format. What you are looking at is a name like  "Orange" "255 176 0 255", you may know what it is, the "Orange" part is the name, the set of numbers are a RGB Decimal color code. Basically if you don't know about this code, better read a section in my dods HUD guide.

So you want a blue HUD and it is better to add the color of choice, I picked DodgerBlue from this chart. You may want to pick another.

Next you need to place your blue into the "Colors" section. Place in "DodgerBlue"    "30 144 255 120" just below the "//base colors" line ...

client scheme_open-1-1

I would not worry too much right now about the shade of blue and if it is transparent enough blah blah blah, you can fine tune it later by changing and testing. That's the whole point of having a "scheme" and a conversion to a name in the colors section, there are multiple places we are going to edit in this file and others, doing it this way you edit one color, 20 items change in all places. Now you know why its call "clientscheme".

Next we want to move down edit the Base settings section. In here you see functions and a color after it. Find "Panel.FgColor" about line 119. Replace "OrangeDim" with "DodgerBlue".

This line controls a lot of icons ...not all. If you ran it now you will see a change.

Panel FgColor

So all we have done is the Budget, Ammo, Time and Armor. Not only that but even the ones we changed have flashing colors that are still the same. For now lets look at the Health icon. For some god awful reason VALVe decided to place these in the hudanimations.txt file.

Open the hudanimations.txt in cstrike\custom\tut_hud\scripts.

Go to line 264, replace "OrangeDim" with "Panel.FgColor". Do the same for lines 272 and 280.

health in_HAfile1

You may notice looking at that file that there are three section referring to Health. This file animates panels and items in the HUD, you can see one for when Health is restored say after a round, when you take damage and when your Health is very low. These other colors can be changed here or in other files. We will do that later. What we have now is...

health HAfile_HUD 

The other files in hudanimation.txt... WTF. Yeah... WTF is with the Budget. Well you still have edit more, VALVe has always been a bit messy with their files, this one is about the worst I have seen.

So basically to fix this just go find all the "OrangeDim" colors and replace with "Panel.FgColor". See lines 239, 249, 257. Save the file and run the game.

all blue_hud_but

So far we have grouped the lower HUD Numbers and made them all Blue based on the "Panel.FgColor" in the clientscheme.res. If we change that, or the "DodgerBlue" RGB color code, all those other edits we did will change too. As you can see there are still other colors we might like to edit, or leave alone. There is also the flashing colors like low health, damage taken, all those other colors in Ammo and budget, the timer flash.

More on them later, I would like to show you one more thing on this group. It is in the ClientScheme.res file. Remember we placed a color in the Colors section and called it "DodgerBlue"?

Well now we have grouped up all these we can actually have a more descriptive name like "HUD_Icon_normal". Now it describes a group and we know what will change when that color is changed.

To do this we rename "DodgerBlue" on line 19 to "HUD_Icon_normal" now go down to line 119 and do the same...

change hudicon_name

The result is the same, all we have done is make a very descriptive name in the colors section for that group of icons. You don't have to do it that way, I just wanted to let you know there are many ways to change things, individually or in groups. In some cases it gets way too confusing, after a while you get to know where everything is and what you can do.

That's the trick. If you want your HUD or GUI to look different and stand out from the thousands of HUD's out there you have to know all the twists and turns in the VALVe VGUI res and txt files.

Now you want to start fine tuning those HUD numbers, how they look on various maps, the flash colors and so on. Dust2 is a good map to test on, it has the horrid gravel ground and over-lit textures that make HUD numbers and crosshairs disappear.

Start a new game and run around the CT spawn and a few more areas that are really bright, remember we set the color DodgerBlue, (later renamed "HUD_Icon_normal") to "30 144 255 120", the last set of digits there control how transparent the blue is, if you find it is hard to read then increase it.

The range of this value is 0 to 255, "0" is invisible, 255 you cannot see through and is solid. I changed that to "255" as the blue I picked is really light.

test hud_numbers

I still have issues seeing the Budget. Now that is because I am opting for using the backgrounds and this particular blue, it is kind of weak on it's own in a spot like this, HDR and that Texture just washes it out, but it's fine with a black background.

It's at this point you may decide to go two ways. Background or no background. Since the September 2011 update the HUD got backgrounds added, they did not extend this to the Budget, it looks kind of silly is why. I went to line 106 in the HudLayout.res, got rid of the "//" comments in front of  "bgcolor_override" "0 0 0 96". Now the background will show...

test hud_numbers_back

You may find it OK? Big deal not an issue? Well, if you are fussy you will need to make up your mind, I can show you how to make that smaller and bringing them on one line.

Before we move on to Flash icon colors there is a decision to make now. The September 2011 update seems to have divided taste in HUD appearance, having backgrounds or not having them. Removal of the backgrounds changes quite a few settings in the HudLayout.res and the Fonts section of the ClientScheme.res.

I have made a page dedicated to that choice and it is next.


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