Adjusting INsanes CSS GUI+HUD V7


This is not my current hud but I will leave it here for those that may still have it and are adjusting to suit SteamPipe versions.

Note: Now updated to Version 7 and the simple version 5 re-released!!!

Instructions below are still OK mostly.

I now have a brand new CSS downloads section here on dodbits.

Version 7 is brand new and is a GUI-HUD combination.
Main reason I make these is to support colorblind players and to add functions that require the casual user to learn cvars and console when they don't want to.

Watch this video...

Updated some Team menu files in case users want use these outside of my HUD, some bits don't show if you did not use my clientscheme file...


X Hair and cl-minmodels control

Xhair control only


Complete description of files changed...

3 colors to choose from, other options too.
EDIT: zip package has been made now.
Options in the installer and zip package are...

3 Color Themes, White, (good for colorblind I hear), Blue and Green. Pick between a HUD only, normal or small fonts or a full GUI+HUD normal or small fonts.
NOTE: The colors and how they are applied in the HUD and GUI are changed in this release, there are 3 files to edit in the standard files, in this HUD to alter all colors you see one section in the ClientScheme.res, (cstrike\resource). More on that later, you can make, (manual edit) your own color version, I will post below. You will also find a couple of colors brought in that were outside of the normal Counter Strike Source files and only in the Half Life 2 directory files.

3 extra main menu backgrounds, White, Blue and Green. Pick between a "middle eastern" or a "Turkey" backgound.

Health Animation, this is a animation to your health icon and value, around the low mark (22 from memory) the icon and text jumps to the center of the screen, around halfway between the XHair and the bottom of the screen. You can't miss it, made for those who have bad "peripheral vision" it jumps more towards your tighter vision cone.

2 x Team Menus, one full of commands, one dedicated for XHairs only and zoom. These Menus have labels that are the command or they are labeled using VALVe's own language files. The effect this has is the files follow the users language...we do not all speak English you know!
Also.... if you don't know what a button is, hover your mouse over the label above the button... this menu uses "Tool tips" It tells you the function. Sorry, English only for tool tips.

2 x Scoreboards, one wide see through, another sv_pure 2 enabled plain background

A optional main menu... PIC of menu
* Added commands to click on the console, even if you have not set the "enable console command". The whole reason to do this was for the casual player that wants a lot of control but knows zero on CVARS and Console usage.

* A screen shot button that clears the console, dumps server info in the console text and takes a shot.

* Demo player button to VALVe's demo UI (#2 type) to replay demos.

* A 10 demo auto-name set. Press once to record/name, press again and it stops. Do this up to 10 times.

* A "Clear HUD" and "Enable HUD" function, gets rid of the entire HUD when on a single player... for making movies or clear screen shots, will not work on a Multiplayer as all commands require sv_cheats 1, OK to press while on a live server...just will not work

* A set of commands to adjust anything to do with the Net graph. 4 types...just keep pressing the button to go from off to net_graph 1, 2, 3, and 4.
There is also a "27 pixel per press" button to position the graph from left to right, also one to position the graph from up to down.

************************************************** *************
Note: the functions on the main menu needs scripts. This means a large amount of text has to be inserted in the users autoexec.cfg file.

For those that don't know what, or do not have, a "autoexec.cfg" file, don't worry, the installer will detect that and place one in there so the menu works.

For those that do know what this is, and have, a "autoexec.cfg" file, the installer will detect that and open, write to the bottom of your file. Your original file is backed up in a new folder called "cstrike\cfg\INsanesHUD_backup\autoexec.cfg".
If you uninstall... that file goes back as it was. Watch the video below on how that works.

In both cases, you can install the main menu and it's scripts later in the manual install section if you do not trust installers.
************************************************** *************

* An add-on to the HudLayout.res that changes the way the voice indicator, (that bar in the lower right when a player talks) displays avatars and death skulls in a tighter fashion.

* An add-on to add more commands to the spec' menu, adjust your netgraph while waiting in spectator. Handy for something to do while waiting Every possible command for a Orangebox netgraph is in there for you to analyze your connection speed.

* A "fix", a small set of common images that blur when the user has a "Low FPS Fix" config or very low settings. VTF files used in a GUI have to be saved a certain way to ensure they do not "Blur" when low settings are set ... like "world" textures. Unfortunately VALVe missed a few for CSS. The default widescreen main menu background is one file, the default CT and TER avatar icons are another.

All files edited have been checked to make sure the latest updates are in the file.

Where ever possible I have used the VALVE language files if possible to label buttons and titles, it is not always possible and some are a little cryptic but normally they come off OK. The team menus especially are edited heavily.

Head over to Game Banana or watch this video...

Report bugs, needs... here.

Please read the readme if you want to use these files and release your own.



If you want to change the colors I have simplified this set of HUD files. Counter Strike Source always required you edit the ClientScheme.res, HudLayout.res and the Hud_Animations.txt to make sure you get all the fonts and colors, (especially the colors) correct.

Not so in this HUD, it is not new to rearrange the HUD in this fashion, others have done it, I have taken it further in this release.

The HudLayout.res and Hud_Animations.txt in this release can be left alone.

You only need to edit the ClientScheme.res in the cstrike/resource folder, if you need to change HUD colors. The same with the GUI file, just edit the top of the file in the "Colors" section.

You start by getting a guide to what color to use... The Decimal code, R G B, is what you need, 3 numbers that mix Red Green Blue (R G B).

There is another number at the end, transparency, in all cases, Color or Transparency, 0 = nothing and 255 = full color or full visibility.

Example: "255 0 0 255" this is full red at full "visibility". 1st number-255 = full red, 2nd number-0 = no green, 3rd number- 0 = no blue, 4th number- 255 is full "Opacity" or solid "can't see through it".

Example: Make that last value 100 and you start to see through it, CSS HUD Icons are...
"OrangeDim" "255 176 0 120"
...this color set with 120 is see through and very hard to see on the dust maps with HDR lighting enabled.

Adjust your HUD and GUI via opening the top of the ClientScheme.res, or ScorceScheme.res for the GUI, in the cstrike/resource folder...

Note: Do yourself a favor, download and use freeware Notepad++ to edit these files and associate this program with "res" files permanently.

//////////////////////// COLORS /////////////////////////INsanes CSS HUD V6 White Normal fonts
// Color details used in INsanes HUDs
// This is a list of all the colors used by the scheme
// INsanes desription has a code for what file this color is in.
// CS = ClientScheme.res  HL = HudLayout.res  HA = HudAnimations.txt
//Main Colors of the Scheme   
//White = "255 255 255 255"  Blue = "26 140 255 255"    Green = "124 252 0 225"
    // START INsanes HUD base colors
    "test"                "255 30 255 255"     //used to test only. Pink
    //Main Colors of the Scheme   White = "255 255 255 255"  Blue = "150 200 255 255"   Green = "124 252 0 225"
    "Main_Color"            "255 255 255 255"    //CS HA Solid color Hud Icons Health, Time, Ammo, Budget. 
    "HUD_Panel_CSLogo"      "255 255 255 255"      //CS Color of the CS Logo on the HUD.     
    "Main_Menu_Title"       "255 255 255 255"      //CS Color of the CS Logo on Main Menu.   
    "Max_Health"            "255 255 255 255"      //HA Make same as "Main_Color" 
    //Titles and Buttons    
    "Main_Color_Light"      "245 245 245 255"  //CS A Pastal color shade of blue or green...good for buttons and titles
    "Main_Color_Disabled"   "255 255 255 100"  //CS A Dim Pastal color shade of blue or green.  Good foe "disabled" items/buttons on the buy screens
    "Hud_Hint_Text"         "255 255 255 255"      //CS Color of the Hud Hint Text only.  
    "Defuse_Tool"           "50 205 50 225"     //HL Defuse Tool icon color 
    "Buy_Zone_Icon"         "50 205 50 225"        //HL Color of the icon for the Buy Zone. 
    "Defuse_Bar"            "50 205 50 225"     //CS Defuse Bar main color  
    "Hostage_Zone_Icon"     "50 205 50 225"        //HL Color for the Hostage Zone Icon.
    "Scenario_Icon"         "50 205 50 225"     //HL Color of the icon for Scenario info.
    "C4_Icon"               "50 205 50 225"    //HL Color of the C4 icon.
    "Defuse_Bar_BG"         "0 0 0 196"        //CS Defuse Bar Background color              
    "C4_Icon_Flash"         "255 0 0 255"      //HL Color of the C4 icon as it flashes.      
    "Hostage_Zone_Flash"    "255 0 0 255"      //HL Hostage Zone Icon as it flashes.        
    "Round_Timer_Flash"     "255 0 0 255"      //HL Color of the round timer icon as it flashes.      
    "Weapon_Pick_Up"      "255 255 255 180"  //CS Make same as "Main_Color_Trans" its here if required to change    
    "Main_Color_Trans"    "255 255 255 200"  //CS HA Transparent items like titles, also is color weapon seletion       
    "Main_Color_Dark"     "255 255 255 255"     //CS HA Darker, Hud Icons Health, Time, Ammo, Budget.                
    //Health Animations
    "Min_Health"           "255 0 0 255"       //HA HL Make solid color when health is very low   
    "Damage_Health_Flash"  "255 255 0 255"     //HA Health Icon Flash color when damaged        
    "Damage_Health_Low"    "255 156 56 200"     //HA Health Icon to lower after Flash color     
    //Budget Animations
    "Added_Money"           "0 255 0 255"      //HA Money added to budget        Full Green = "0 255 0 255"
    "Removed_Money"         "255 0 0 255"      //HA Money removed from budget    Full Red   = "255 0 0 255"     
    "CT_Team"               "150 200 255 255"  //CS Color of the Counter Terror team     "150 200 255 255"
    "Ter_Team"              "255 69 0 255"     //CS Color of the Terrorist Team          "255 0 0 255"
    "Spec_Team"             "245 245 245 200"  //CS Color of the Spectators              "245 245 245 200"          
    // END INsanes HUD base colors

As you can see, just about every "hard to find" color in the other files and lower down in this file, has been brought to this section...only.

Start at the top, read what that color is for, change it, start the game and look at the change. It is not as simple as an automated "HUD maker", but this has made it at least bearable, quicker and very comprehensive.

Note: If you do use the ClientScheme.res in my files, you need to make sure you also use the HudLayout.res and the Hud_Animations.txt files in the scripts folder. You will know they are missing, you will see weapon icons and health as pink.

Change the buttons and commands on the team menus

To change the buttons and the commands on the team menu you need to manually edit the cstrike\ui\teammenu.res

There are a couple of hidden buttons already in there to add commands to.

Note not all commands work from HUD panels, take the radar on off for example...
drawradar ... Turns on the radar
hideradar ... Turns off the radar

These will not work from a HUD panel... bind yes, console yes. You will notice a warning in the console when this happens...
FCVAR_CLIENTCMD_CAN_EXECUTE prevented running command: drawradar
Unknown command: drawradar

That said, a lot of CVARS do work.

To "turn on" these disabled buttons and add commands, open and edit the cstrike\ui\teammenu.res.
Go to the very bottom of the file.

Look for the last 3 sections...
"Spare3Lable" = the title above the buttons
"Spare3ON" = Button below the title...labled ON
"Spare3OFF" = Button beside the on button

Looks like this..

		"ControlName"	"Label"
		"fieldName"		"Spare3Lable"
		"font"			"Default"
		"xpos"			"528"  //"177"
		"ypos"			"403"
		"zpos"			"1"
		"wide"			"80"
		"tall"			"15"
		"autoResize"	"0"
		"pinCorner"		"0"
		"visible"		"0"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS VISIBLE
		"enabled"		"0"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS ENABLED
		"labelText"		"Spare 3"
		"textAlignment"	"south"
		"dulltext"		"0"
		"brighttext"	"0"
		"tooltiptext"   "PLACE TOOLTIP HERE."		
		"ControlName"		"Button"
		"fieldName"		"Spare3ON"
		"xpos"		"536"  //"187" "454" 84 "536" 82
		"ypos"		"418"  //"275"
		"wide"		"30"
		"tall"		"15"
		"autoResize"		"0"
		"pinCorner"		"0"
		"visible"		"1"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS VISIBLE
		"enabled"		"1"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS ENABLED
		"tabPosition"		"0"
		"labelText"		"#Cstrike_Tutor_Beginner"
		"textAlignment"		"centre"
		"dulltext"		"0"
		"brighttext"		"0"
		"font"		"DefaultVerySmall"
		"wrap"		"0"
		"Command"		"drawradar"
		"Default"		"0"
		"selected"		"0"
		"ControlName"		"Button"
		"fieldName"		"Spare3OFF"
		"xpos"		"571"  //"225"
		"ypos"		"418"  //"275"
		"wide"		"30"
		"tall"		"15"
		"autoResize"		"0"
		"pinCorner"		"0"
		"visible"		"1"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS VISIBLE
		"enabled"		"1"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS ENABLED
		"tabPosition"		"0"
		"labelText"		"#Cstrike_Bot_chatter_Off"
		"textAlignment"		"centre"
		"dulltext"		"0"
		"brighttext"		"0"
		"font"		"DefaultVerySmall"
		"wrap"		"0"
		"Command"		"hideradar"
		"Default"		"0"
		"selected"		"0"

Looks messy?
You only need to change a couple to make it seen and add your own custom label and commands....

"Spare3Lable" (For Label) Change these lines...

		"visible"		"1"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS VISIBLE
		"enabled"		"1"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS ENABLED
		"labelText"		"YOUR LABEL HERE"
		"tooltiptext"   "PLACE YOUR TOOLTIP HERE."

"Spare3ON" and "Spare3OFF" (For Commands)

		"visible"		"1"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS VISIBLE
		"enabled"		"1"          // "1" TO MAKE THIS ENABLED
		"labelText"		"YOUR LABEL HERE"
		"Command"		"YOUR COMMAND HERE"

Same for the other buttons, look at the label on a button or label, use search and find it, change it.

The positions and size of buttons are controlled via...

		"xpos"		"536"  //Left to right 0= far left
		"ypos"		"418"  //Up and down   0= top
		"wide"		"30"   // How wide this is
		"tall"		"15"   // How tall this is

You will notice some of my buttons are labelled with a code like this..

		"labelText"		"#Cstrike_Bot_chatter_Off"

The "#" prompts the engine to look for a line in one of the language files, it displays a changed language if you are French, German, and so on.
Some languages will require more room, Dutch I have found has some of the longest phrases.
You may need to adjust the "wide" and "xpos" to allow more room and center it up.

Valve has these localization files all over the place, HL2 has one, the game GUI has one, CSS has one, it is a matter of getting the file out of the GCF files and searching them. Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.