Interesting CS:S CVARS

Counter-Strike Source cvar list (console commands list) found in Counter-Strike Source, I update this every now and again. INsane.


While reading lists like my text file up there,  the type of CVARs have some strange names, like "norecord" that equals "FCVAR_DONTRECORD" on this list. It's a bit cryptic but it may help you figure out what a CVAR type is. If my list was a CVS type it would make more sense. Below is my attempt at a conversion to find out when / where a CVAR can be used...

FCVAR_CHEAT = cheat,

FCVAR_NOT_CONNECTED = (not listed in text file not sure),  






FCVAR_SPONLY = (not listed in text file, SPONLY in csv type),



FCVAR_DEMO ="demo",




Below are some interesting items from that list and other places, enjoy....

Achievement and Nemesis Control
Visual / Video and Sound Related
General settings, console, stuff outside the actual game area.
Interesting Commands... Server
Interesting Commands... for Developers

Achievement and Nemesis Control (why...did you put this system in CSS in VALVe? OMFG, at least we can turn a lot of it off)

cl_show_achievement_popups 1 ... Default is "1" , make this "0" and it disables in-game achievement announcements.

cl_disablefreezecam 0...  Default is "0" -Suppose to turn on/off freezecam on client. Do this instead... "Options, "Multiplayer", "Advanced" Button, find "Disable Freeze cam" and tick it.

hud_achievement_tracker 1... Default is "1" - Show or hide the achievement tracker So... to turn off the spam below the radar make this "0"

hud_achievement_description 1... Default is "1" - Show full descriptions of achievements on the HUD ... if this is set to off, only the titles will show. Note: Needs hud_achievement_tracker set to 1 to work.


Visual / Video and  Sound Related


overview_alpha 1.0 (default) Adjusts Overview map (Radar) background translucency.

Range... is from “0” the minimap is gone... invisible, you can still see all the other stuff like icons, Teammates and such and a light green background. It’s just the map that fades. Setting this to “1” will have no Transparency at all. So in between “0” and “1” you can fade it to what you need. I had to decide on 3 levels for my Menu so I picked...

Low......... overview_alpha 0.05

Medium... overview_alpha 0.5

High........ overview_alpha 1

And of course overview_alpha 0 is off.

cl_radar_locked 0 ... Default is "0" , Lock the angle of the radar display? Set "1" to turn stop it rotating.

cl_radaralpha 255 ... Default is "200" , ( def. "200" ) min. 0.000000 max. 255.000000 Makes the radar fade. "0" turns radar off completely. "100" is good to see through.

drawradar ... Turns on the radar

hideradar ... Turns off the radar

cl_minmodels 0 ... Default is "0" - Uses one player model for each team when set to "1" . This helps weed out who is who if you are having problems identifying enemy's from the various player models... change to "1" and you see only one player model per team, not 4 each team.

It is part of a system to allow the client to set one player model per team. First the server has to enable the use via sv_allowminmodels 1, if it is "0" you, (the client) can't use it. If that is set to "1" the clients can use cl_minmodels 1. That will allow you to set one model for the entire team.
Say you want the white Artic model on the Terrorist team, you would set "cl_minmodels 1" then "cl_min_t 3". If you wanted Urban for the CT team... "cl_min_ct 1"
cl_minmodels 1 - Turns on the ability to set one model per team.
The choice of what model are these...
Counter Terrorists...
cl_min_ct 1 = Urban
cl_min_ct 2 = GSG9
cl_min_ct 3 = SAS
cl_min_ct 4 = GIGN
cl_min_t 1 = Terror
cl_min_t 2 = Leet
cl_min_t 3 = Arctic
cl_min_t 4 = Guerilla

hud_showtargetid 1 ...Default is "1" Enables display of target ID names, the "Friend" and "Enemy" below the crosshair. If set to "0" this will turn them off.

hud_showtargetpos  0 ... Default is "0" -  Moves the Target ID around the screen:       "0" = center     "1"= upper left     "2" = upper right     "3" = lower left       "4" = lower right

zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1 ... Default is "1" - Additional mouse sensitivity scale factor (Scope/Zoom weapons only). Basically, when you zoom your weapon you may notice your mouse movement slows, this command can make it slower or quicker. Regard slow as 0.2 - 0.7 Normal is 1.0, fast is 3, faster is 6 ... once you get around 9 it starts to get a little too fast.

hud_deathnotice_time 6 ... Time in seconds the death notices stay on the screen, I found 3 or 4 is quite good.

cl_showpluginmessages 1- Default is "1"  Allow "1" or Disallow "0" plugins to display messages to you.

cl_playerspraydisable 1 ... Default is "1" - If set to "0" all sprays will be disabled, you cannot see them, even your own.

spec_help... if placed in console it will show the MOTD screen

Crosshair cvars...

This gets complex, it is a story in itself. Try my guide.


cl_hudhint_sound 1- Default is "1" If set to "0" the annoying swish sound assosiated with clicking a game panel, is disabled.

voice_scale 1 - Default is "1" if you want to reduce the volume of the voice chat do this ... voice_scale 0 will turn it OFF. voice_scale 1 is FULL Volume. voice_scale 0.3 is LOW Volume. voice_scale 0.6 is just above HALF Volume.



This is one hell of a complex topic, people go nuts on this. It can be simple! Just right click on your steam icon, then to "Settings" and "DOWNLOADS + CLOUD". Look at the Internet connection, select your type for all steam games.

Now a lot of people will say that is garbage, well in some cases they are correct. The thing is that there is no perfect setting for all users, depends on your PC, ISP connection, Video card ... all sorts of things including the crap server you just joined. What is the answer? If you are lazy, do what I said to do. If you want to do more then you have to fine tune your connection. Time to read... and you will read a lot. Some of it good, some of it out of date (CSS is more like TF2 now... orangebox don't you know!)

Just about every forum post there is always a person claiming to have the ultimate cvar combination, others disagree, then there is the CSS communities long fixation with cl_interp... AHHHHH! stop it your making me insane. You may get lucky and get one that runs real good, even those will fail if you end up on a weak server. Netcode changes each time you go to another server location.

You will need to know about the Netgraph, how can you tell if it is better or worse without measureing it? Look at the Netgraph section below!

Links to netcode:

Sticky on Steam CSS forums

Source Multiplayer Networking

My Menu has some quick settings that may also be handy. There are some easy to set buttons on a enhanced Team menu screen. It is just some very basic settings for netcode, a group of buttons to quickly set rate (one set of buttons), cl_updaterate, cl_cmdrate (combined in another set of buttons) depending on what server you are on. 100 tick 66 tick 33 tick... Like the difference between a local Lan server and a very weak internet server. The netgraph will give you a clue what is happening if you strike a bad server and you can try and fix it quick with the buttons.



net_graph 0... This is the netgraph there are 3 styles but "0" the default is OFF. There is a custom one with smaller fonts here. Read more about those here ....a good one is net_graph 1, even better is when you shrink it with custom files :) You can also move it around the screen too!

net_graphproportionalfont 1... Default is "1" - Determines whether netgraph font is proportional or not, "0" makes it smaller. Above download links of custom font type is still better for neatness.

net_graphheight 64 ... Default is "0" - Adjusts the height. Try values between "0 - 768" but that is for 768 screen height, it depends on your screen res height, it may go higher!

net_graphpos 1 ... Default is "1" - Adjusts the position right to left. Try values between "0 - 542". This limit of 542 seems to work OK for all resolutions... and all netgraph sizes. Just try it... if you have reached the max, it won't go any further :) Other examples: net_graphpos 1 Far left      net_graphpos 2 Middle      net_graphpos 0 Far right


General settings, console, stuff outside the actual game area.

differences- Type this in console and see all list of changed cvars. Handy when you have no idea of what you last changed

cvarlist ... Use this to gain knowledge about the commands (CVAR) in CSS. Various ways to use it, see below.

cvarlist a.... This will dump all the commands starting with "a" in the console window, if you want to keep the list, type "condump" in console. A text file called condump000.txt is now in the "cstrike" folder.

cvarlist log cvarlist.csv....Makes a list of all the CVAR's in .csv format (Spreadsheet, open with MS excel or OO Calc) then makes a file, (cvarlist.csv) in your "cstrike" folder. Handy because it divides up all the categories. Also use cvarlist log cvarlist.txt for a text file (open in wordpad or higher, notepad gets messed up)


Interesting Commands... Server

sv_disablefreezecam 0- Default is "0" Turn on/off freezecam on server. Set "1" to turn off.

spec_freeze_time 5 - Time spend frozen in observer freeze cam. Set the time in seconds... "0" would turn off (I think)

sv_nonemesis 0 - Default is "0" Disable nemesis and revenge. Set "1" to turn off.

sv_nomvp 0 - Default is "0" Disable MVP awards. Set "1" to turn off, you will not see the stars on the scoreboard anymore.

sv_nostats 0 - Disable collecting statistics and awarding achievements. Set "1" to turn off.

sv_ignoregrenaderadio 0 - Turn off Fire in the hole messages. Set "1" to turn off those bloody endless sounds!!!

sv_allowminmodels  1- Default is "1" Allow or disallow the use of cl_minmodels on a server,  "cl_minmodels" is allowed by default.

sv_hudhint_sound 1- Default is "1" If set to "0" the annoying swish sound assosiated with clicking a game panel, is disabled.


Interesting Commands... for Developers

test_freezeframe ... Command should only work on a LAN game ... Test the freeze frame code if you are changing freezeframe stuff I suppose.

mp_forcewin... Command should only work on a LAN game ... Forces team to win so you can see the winpanels

hud_reloadscheme ... bind this to a key, if working on VGUI panels it can reload you changes immediately once you save a change in a file.

cl_drawhud 0  - Default is "0" Enable the rendering of the hud. sv_cheats must be enabled to disable hud, ( cl_drawhud 1)

light_crosshair... Show texture color at crosshair requires sv_cheats 1. Bind to a key, put developer 1 on, point at a game texture and console reports back the color.



For a completely clear screen while making a movie from a demo...

net_graph 0 ... Hides net graph
cl_drawhud 0 ... Hides almost all of the hud
scr_centertime 0 ... normally 2, this gets rid of the "Game Commencing" and other Hud Hints.

All together in a bind for demo playback only....

bind "KP_5" "net_graph 0; cl_drawhud 0; scr_centertime 0"

Also a bind for playing without a hud or messages on a local LAN or cheat server....

bind "KP_5" "sv_cheats 1; net_graph 0; cl_drawhud 0; scr_centertime 0"


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