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Help me keep and on line. After 2018 I can no longer do this alone.


Please consider a small donation if you use this site and my content.  


Day of Defeat needs bots to make a single player game and that requires lots of support files and tutorials. covers that. 

Day of Defeat: Source is now the same. To keep it going you need a bot and we have that now thanks to RCBot2. For the rest of the game it really would be a pity if the files here to support the rest of the custom content... got deleted.

Most of the content here is nowhere else.


Who runs

Only one person a fellow gamer.

INsane - a Brisbane Australia based player. I started this to store the content I was making for Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source for HUD's, mapping and general custom game files.  

I have limited resources and the two sites have always taken $100 - $400 per year to keep here.

I can no longer afford that... I am near retirement age with an Autistic adult son.Hstory

When you make some content you get requests from others how you did it, so I started writing that down for others. started in late 2005 I think it is fair to say its now one of the oldest Day of Defeat sites left.

By 2006 (see this internet archive snapshot) I had quite a few items and have added to that over the years.

I now have quite a collection for the two dod versions and CS:S on a range of topics.


Thanks for visiting!

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